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How Does Music Affect Teens?

Inquiry Quest

Emily =)

on 29 April 2018

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Transcript of How Does Music Affect Teens?

Inquiry Quest
by Emily Sasin

Music is a huge part of our lives as teens. It acts as a safe haven for our emotions and is something that, most of us, can't live without.
When artists use this explicit content in their music, they are required to include a parental advisory on the album cover.
Music influences some people more then others.....
Sixteen people ended up losing their life because of this and many more were severely wounded.
Girls become obsessed...
Pop bands these days are using increasingly inappropriate language, references to sex, and explicit video content.
How Does Affect Teens?
Boybands and teen male singers are also heavy influences, but on teenage girls.
Paul Kaiser
Middle School Math Teacher
Kim Stromberg
7th and 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Jennifer Congedo
7th and 8th Grade Science Teacher
Resource 1
and chase "Justin Bieber" down a street in Norway.
63% of Those Surveyed
Said that music impacts how they socialize.
"You can find people with similar interests. "
"If people are embarrassed by the music they listen to, it can."
"It affects your personality & mood."
"If two people listen to the same music it is automatically a commonality. You could go to concerts with them, and you get something to talk about."
"I tend to hang out with people who like similar types music."
"If I'm listening to music when I'm with my friends it makes me all quiet because I'm listening to the music. But when I'm not with my friends, and I listen to music, or I'm chatting my friend on Facebook or something, it doesn't really affect it."
"This is because i always end up talking about it in someway."
"It makes me happier and more sociable. :-)"
"Well... Its in a good way, and by lifting weight off your shoulders and relating to it ;)"
"Lyrics help me relate situations to songs allowing me to not have to deal with some of the mistakes the artist made in life
"By making me feel the way I do"
Studies have shown that music has been the cause of a lot of major incidents...
Such as car accidents due to radio distractions or distracting music.
In 1999 the shooting at Columbine High School was said to have been blamed by heavy metal music and the rap style of Marilyn Manson.
" "
As teens our emotions are very fragile, and can change very easily.
And music impacts everyone differently.
Stay aware of what
you listen to.
Know that your
mood may not be the mood that you want it to be.
And don't say or do things you regret because of what your ears are hearing.
Think your own thoughts
Your iPod doesn't own you,
and neither does Brittney Spears, or Justin Bieber, or One Direction.
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Kim Stromberg
Jennifer Congedo
and Paul Kaiser

Taken by Emily Sasin
YouTube Video:
"Justin bieber chased by crazy fans in Oslo! - YouTube." YouTube. N.p., 30 May 2012. Web. 28 Oct. 2012. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35HJe_iyNGU>.
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Thanks for Watching!
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