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Colonial Silversmith

No description

Wade Todd

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Colonial Silversmith

Colonial Silversmith
Vocab words and definitions part 2
Planish: To smooth or toughen.

Gleaming: A bright or shiny quality.

Malleable:Capable of stretching in different shapes

Pumice:A gray stone that comes from a volcano used to polish or smooth things
Fun Facts
They put silver in a crusible at 2,000 degrees FH

silver sells for 11.37!

With out them there would be any guns

They lived in the city depend

Silversmiths made tools,forks,spoons,and urns

The silversmith was really important for making armor,urns,pots and spoons forks and knifes
Vocab Words and definition
Anvil: A heavy iron block to hit put a sword on to hammer
A pointed stick or post put in to the ground to support things

Cast iron:Something to make an ingot

utensil:A simple and or useful device for doing tasks
Crucible:A pot in which metals or other substances are heated at a very high temperature
Brittle: Easily broken or cracked
I brought a spoon because that's mostly what they made besides pots or urns or armor

They used a cast iron to melt scrap metal then re-used,Then they hardened the iron.
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