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UAE Vs Greece

No description

Mazmazi Alsuwaidi

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of UAE Vs Greece

Moaza Ahmad
201106892 Business culture "UAE Vs Greece" Similarities UAE & Greece:

-Informality in business card exchanging

- Both are collectivist cultures(high context)

-Body language
communication (palm) Differences UAE & Greece

-Power distance: Embrace, hand shake

-Time orientation( punctual vs unpunctual)

-The outfit differs References
Chamberlain, K. (2012, March 29). Business etiquette in Dubai. Retrieved from Now Health International: http://community.now-health.com/bid/132010/Business-etiquette-in-Dubai


Riel, B. (n.d.). Retrieved from The Cultural Context - United Arab Emirates: http://www.bobriel.com/pdf%20files/cultural%20context%20-%20uae.pdf
US, UAE Business council. (2013). Retrieved from http://usuaebusiness.org/about-the-uae/business-etiquette-in-the-uae/ Contents 1- Similarities

2- Differences

3- References Thank you for listening Is there any questions ?

Moaza Ahmad AlSuwaidi
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