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Louis and Clark

No description

Treise Langhammer

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Louis and Clark

By: Kenzy, Tori, Treise, Rosey 1st leg Second Leg Third Leg Fourth leg Stevenson
Skamania lodge&spa
4 adults
89$ - 1 night
w/breakfast Fort Prairie

Holiday Express
1 night- 129$
4 adults Lewiston
Cedars Inn&suites
54$- 1 night
4 adults Six Leg Lewis and Clark Journey Hahahah SECRET MESSAGE!!! Great Falls
La Quinta & suites
115$-1 night
4 adults w/breakfast Car: Ford Focus 2012
Per week: 124 $
5 Adults and 2 suitcases
4 door Double tree: By Hilton
In Jefferson city
4 adults
1 night
154$ with breakfast They have gotten through their first stop. Double tree was very nice, they said. It was cozy and inviting. Clarkston
River tree-best western
4 adults
121$ Fifth Leg Lohman Building, Jefferson City Places we went... Dinner:
Lutz BBQ
Family meal+
#1 $34.22 — Feeds 4 people
1/2 slab St. Louis ribs
Whole chicken
1/2 lb. pork loin
1/2 lb. choice of beef, turkey, or pulled pork
Choice of 2 quarts—baked beans, green beans,
cole slaw, potato salad or chips
4 rolls

4 (2 oz. portions) BBQ sauce
Ranch Pack..
any 2 medium pizzas, 8 pcs garlic cheese bread, cactus bread dessert
$34.57 Fort Prairie
At Pizza Ranch FAMOUS FOUL $9.95
Lettuce, tomato, swiss, and our own special sauce.
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, provolone cheese, and guacamole.
Blackened Mahi Mahi with mango salsa and tequila lime aioli on a fresh white corn taco.
Honey rye beer battered mahi mahi with a cilantro slaw, fresh pico da gallo, and lime aioli. Dinner
Great Falls:
Bert and Ernies $2 Biscuit & Gravy with an Egg
$2 Biscuit & Gravy with Hash Browns
$2 Stack of Pancakes
$2 Pancake Puppies® Sundae Breakfast
Dennys restraunt 19.00Shrimp De Johgne 1/2 lb. Jumbo shrimp baked in a casserole of garlic, butter, capers and panko
15.00Tilapia Pan fried, lightly panko breaded, capers
25.00Citron Scallops Pan seared scallops in hollandaise sauce with picked asparagus & hearty grain
15.00 Shrimp Scampi Sautéed in seasoned garlic oil with white wine, dill and parsley Dinner
The Caterde table Hamburger with Fries......................................................................4.50
Cheeseburger with Fries..................................................................4.80
Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Fries ...............................................4.50
Cold Ham Sandwich with Fries .......................................................4.50 Dinner
bambo gardans Garden
Broccoli, tomato, onion, mushroom, olive, bell pepper and
pepper jack cheese
Ham, onion, bell pepper and cheddar cheese
Bacon, tomato, mushroom, avocado and mozzarella cheese
Bratwurst sausage, sauerkraut, onion, Swiss cheese and Dijon
$9 Breakfast
Bogys restraunt Dinner
Portland: Genoa
Salami, onions & black olives, topped with mozzarella cheese & roasted red peppers.
Salad Bar
One time visit all you can eat (per person).
(1)$5.50 total: 34.80 Miles on the whole travel

7,689 miles Oahe Chapel
South Dakota State Historical Society KENZY IS SUPER AMAZING AND HOT! Lewis and Clark Trail Travelers Rest
Stevenson Montana Hells Canyon
Clarkston Oregon Sacajawea Monument
Portland Oregon
In Washington Park Leg one Artifacts The first part of our journey was swell
All of us could tell the journey and retell
It was so fun
It was pleasant, and none of us ran into someone with a gun

We are in the middle of our journey, which is fine
We all had a few sips of wine
Everything was relaxing and pretty
We saw a kitty that was alone, such a pity

Were at the last part of the journey, which is sad
We wrote to the family and one person wrote back our dad
We are so much closer than ever
We have become so much clever Peace Medal that Lewis and Clark gave the indian tribes Leg Two Artifacts

Dear Diary,

We are all having fun, we are all getting along, and we are all taking turns driving. It is getting really close to the end of the journey. Which is really depressing. I have had so much fun so far with Kenzy, Rose, and Treise. I think we might do this again, but of course going somewhere else.
We are in the town Clarkston. Our hotel is the Best Western. It is not fancy, but it is not like garbage. It is comfortable and welcoming. We don’t really care where we stay, the cheaper the better, but it has to look nice. Which it is nice. Everybody is welcoming.
Treise brought us to the Hell Canyon. Just because it has hell in the name does not mean it contains the demon. It was actually very fun, we went hiking of course, but we saw animals that we would have not seen back home. I would actually like to go back there, it was really fun; to see all the animals and nature. It was relaxing to breath in the fresh air. This is the compass Clark used on the expedition. Third Leg artifacts Dear Family,
I have had a great trip so far! I have loved all the places that we have gone too. Our car is very comfortable for four people. The hotels are nice and I have to share a bed with Kenzy. We get along so it is fun. My other friends Treise and Tori are cool too. We all are good drivers, so we switch off. It is a lot of fun, just driving and seeing all the land.
The trip is so fun. We are having a lot of fun together, all the places we have gone to are beautiful. Treise has pretty much planned where we have gone to eat, our hotels, and where we go to see stuff that Louis and Clark saw and discovered. I have tried a lot of new things and especially food, Treise has booked restaurants that we would have never tried except for a few.
I love this trip so far. It is magnificent, it is just so fun. I have booked where we stay, where we eat, and where we go to see what Louis and Clark have seen and discovered. Everything has been a lot of fun. We have more stops, but not a lot.
I have loved everything, the hotels, the restaurants, and the historical places. I have had so much fun. Everything is relaxing and just so beautiful. The nature makes me feel like nothing else exists. All the stress and weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Nothing could really compare to what I have had of this trip so far. Can't wait for the rest. This is a bear claw necklace that an Indian tribe gave to Lewis and Clark January 17, 2013
This is my third journal out of the trip. Kenzy, Rose, and Treise are writing their own journals too, but I do not think you will be able to see the. They will not even let me see them. Are other two stops were very fun and welcoming, and I am guessing this stop and the ones after this stop will also have the same feeling. We are in the town Great Falls. Now Great Falls sounds very pleasant.
We all are going hiking! Where though? Somewhere that is historical and a lot of people know about! The name is the Louis and Clark Trail. You might have heard of it, a lot of people have. We all asked around if it was worth going and everybody said YES if you like nature. It was Treise’s idea to go.
We all went, we loved it too! We loved the sun on our skin, the flowers that we saw, and the animals we saw. The nature, it kind of just sucks us all in. We all just kinda go free, we let our minds go. We all just relax and don’t think about anything.
Our hotel was very comfortable, it was welcoming and warm. The hotel that we stayed at was La Quinta & Suites. It was so cool, there were paintings on the walls that were so gorgeous. It was 115$ for one night for four adults, and that included breakfast.
For dinner we ate at a place called Bert and Ernies. It was different, but good. We all had different things. I had the California Chicken, Kenzy had the Famous Foul, Treise had the Cali Style Tacos, Rose had the Mango Fish tacos, we all like our food. We have set off too our next stop. Our next stop is Fort Prairie. Treise has booked our hotel for us. It does not include breakfast for us. We will be staying at Holiday Express. For one night it will be 129$ for four adults.
The hotel is simple, but cozy. It was very comfortable. It was plain, but it was fun. Things that are simple are not always what people say. People normally say things that are simple are boring. That is not true. Simple is easier, but does not mean that it is boring. It was really fun. There was a pool, and all the employees, you could get along with. Everyone got along with each other. We all thought it was a very comfortable and a nice environment. There were places where you could smoke but no one there did smoke. None of us had too question if we were safe. We all just knew, everyone was so welcoming.
We all were hungry. We picked to eat at a Pizza Ranch. We decided to get the the Ranch Pack. That included any two medium pizzas, 8 pieces of garlic bread,and a cactus bread dessert. That was all for $34.57. It was not that expensive. It was very good. We all like they cactus bread, because we have never tried it.
They made it for Sioux Indian of central South Dakota. Made what? They made the Oahe building. We all like the history of the building. It was magnificent. It was very pretty, even though it was old. We all loved how that the building was made. It was old, but we could feel they history, what happened in that building. The historical feeling is around us. The site was just so pretty. With the trees, flowers, and the sun that reflected off the windows. We were able to smell the flowers. We all just loved it, it was so warm and it was a very relaxing feeling. We all said that we could just sleep outside under the moon.

Kenzie, Rose, Tresie, and Tori have started on their journey. They knew what hotel that they were going to stay at. The hotel was in Jefferson City, by the hilton. When they booked the hotel they did not know that it included breakfast. It was 154 dollars for one night and that includes breakfast, for four people. The deal was not bad at all. When they got to the hotel the employees gave them cookies to welcome them in. They all thought that was a good gesture.

“The hotel was very warming.” said Rosey and Kenzy. “It was very welcoming and pretty.” said Treise and Tori. They all said that the breakfast was good and the room was cozy. Everything was very comfortable.

They were hungry! It was dinner time already. They ate at the Lutz BBQ. It was not very expensive for four adults. It was only 34.22$. It was very delicious. They all said that they enjoyed eating there very much and would go again, if they had a chance.

They all wanted to do something fun! So they all decided to go to the Lohman Building. They said is was beautiful. It was fun to learn everything about it. They said it was a very pretty site and would like to go there again.

Jefferson City was their stop. They had a lot of there. They want stop back through there and try all the other things. See the other "historical sites". Try all the other restaurants. They like to have new experiences. They will have fun with all the other stops. Fourth Leg artifacts Fifth Leg artifact Indian Dress that was found on Lewis and Clark's journey A gift given to Lewis and Clark from and Indian tribe Buffalo Buffalo are big hairy creature. They had a large head and horns. They lived in herds and ate grass. When startled they would stampede away. They would take care of their young. First seen in 1805 during the winter. The buffalo were hunted for their skin and meat. The people hunting them would scare them onto the ice, trapping them so they could be stabbed with spears. The buffalo (not to be confused with the water buffalo) almost went extinct because of the constant hunting. Lemon Scurfpea The lemon scurfpea plant was first found in July, 1804. It has green stems with purple flowers. Broom Scurfweed Broom snakeweed is a bushy, short-lived, native, perennial shrub that grows from 8 to 28 inches in height. It flowers August to October, reproduces from seeds. Maximum life span approximately 20 years. Air Gun Kenzy is hot and sexy This is the Keel boat they traveled on. This was Lewis telescope. I assume that he used it to look at things from a distance. This is a pipe tomawawk that Lewis brought.
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