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Sports after WW2

No description

Oliver Levett

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of Sports after WW2

In the 1940‘s, most sporting events around the world were canceled because of World War 2, including the 1940 and 1944 Olympic Games. Numerous athletes served in the armed forces until the war had ended. In 1946 the first African-American entered the Baseball league creating alot of controversy and attention.
Sports in the 1940
Sports in the 1960
In the 1960’s, pro Football was aired on television and starting becoming a huge success. It was widely viewed and the first NFL Super Bowl was played in January 1967.
The professional basketball championships were absolutely dominated by the Boston Celtics, they won 9 out of the possible 10 championships. Wilt Chamberlain led the league for top scorer for most of the years and broke many records in the NBA, most still stand today including his most famous record, 100 points in a single NBA game. Wilt was very populer and inspired generations of kids, there are countless stories of children wearing Wilt Chamberlain’s jersey, the number 13.
Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali, dominated the boxing ring, becoming the first person to win the heavy weight title three times, but he was stripped of all his titles because he refused to join the army for religous beliefs reasons. He was very talkative and controversial for the press, making him a iconic sporting figure and the most popular boxer of all time.
Sports in the 1970
The 1972 Summer Olympics were filled with tragedy as terrorists invaded the arena and killed 11 Israel athletes and coaches. Pro Baseball history was changed as Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's lifetime record for the most home runs and Frank Robinson became the first African-American manager.
Jack Nicklaus won a total of 18 Professionall Golfing Tournaments in his total career, he was winning at a record pace and dominated until the 90's.
Muhammad Ali was allowed to box again in 1974, he knocked out Joe Fraiser and regained the heavyweight title. A year later, George Foreman was challenging Muhammad Ali for the title, and both Ali and Foreman earned $5 million dollars for this fight, breaking the record for the highest purse in boxing history. Ali won in the 8th round by a KO, and Foreman received his first professional lost.
A new set of young talent reached the Boston Celtics as they won another 3 championships, inspired by the ghost of their previous champions, but aside from the Boston Cletics, Championships were shared among many teams, like the New York Nicks, the Milwauke Bucks and the Golden State Warriors.
Sports in the 1950
In the 1950’s, Baseball and Boxing were very popular, while other sports like football, hockey and golf were growing. The Baseball league was completely changed, as dozens of African-American’s filled the Major League Lineups, but still the New York Yankees dominated the century, losing only two championships. Because the New York Yankees performed so well, they created a name for themselves and were very popular. College football was more popular than Professional Football was. A boxer called Rocky Marciano was undefeated in the ring between 1952-1956, dominating the boxing championships. Hockey was begging to rise in popularity also. Generally most people in the 1950’s had a television, and sports like football had just begun to be aired, however it took awhile to become popular.







Sports in the 1980
The 1980 Summer Olympics were held in the Soviet Union in Moscow, 65 countries refused to participate in protest of Russian's Invasion of Afghanastan, only 80 countries participated, however over 100 were broken, more than the 1976 Summer Olympics.
Baseball was not dominated by the New York Yankees as it had been every year in the past, baseball had a variety of different champions.
Basketball was also no longer dominated by the nearly unstoppable Boston Celtics, as other teams like Los Angelas Lakers were on the rise and challenging them with fresh talent. Larry Bird, of the Celtics received the MVP award three times, but was closely contested by his rival Magic Johnson.
Jack Nicklaus still dominated the Professional Golfing Tournaments.
Muhammad Ali came back for his last fight in 1980, to which he lost to Larry Holmes proving Ali was no longer the greatest, a few years later Mike Tyson was the new man to be feared in the boxing ring, winning his first title at the age of 20, breaking a record.

Frank Aaron's 715th home run.
Wilt Chmberlain after the 100 point game.
Muhammad Ali on a cerial box.
The Boston Celtics, 1960-1961
Jack Nicklaus
Mike Tyson on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson rivalry
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