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UX Folio


Sophie Greenfield

on 22 November 2017

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Transcript of UX Folio


Case studies
Say hi.
UX folio
UX approach
Every project has it's unique challenges, defined by the complex interaction of people, objectives, processes and outcomes.

Successful UX Design requires a high degree of empathy and collaboration. It is also about knowing how to tailor communications and UX deliverables to best suit each team and project.

In the end, it's all about creating smart design which solves real problems for real people.
Static wireframes
Interactive prototypes
Flowcharts & activity diagrams
Concept and system models
Usability testing reports
Competitive analysis reports

Customer journey maps
Site maps
Style guides and pattern libraries
Pixel perfect visual mockups

So here's a list of things I typically create...
Everyone is a snowflake...more or less
And here are a few useful things I've done recently
User testing
& reporting
The challenge
- Peppermoney rebrand
Redesigned IA and UI for Peppermoney for both consumer and business facing sites globally. Created responsive CMS components and a UI pattern library.

The outcome
- very positive feedback for my efforts. The global site architecture and brand relaunch were delivered within 6 months - on budget and on deadline.
Process optimization
Finished layouts
Quick back story
Digital media design pro with 20 years experience. One of my better moments was designing interactive TV apps for Foxtel.
3 years ago, I completed General Assembly's 10 week UX intensive course. I then got a great role at Peppermoney to relaunch their brand online. After 8 months, I was head hunted by ING Direct.

the story so far...
I had an inspiring time concepting product innovations and winning the ING sponsored Designability Hackathon. 7 months later, I accepted a great offer from Avocado Consulting to design some seriously complex financial advice software.

It's all been great fun...wonder what the next adventure will be.
ING Direct
Product innovation for Superannuation
The challenge
- ING Direct needed to innovate their Superannuation product.

The outcome
- developed a new approach to the market for the ING Direct Super products. The product team were really happy with my input which included concepts, storyboards, customer journey maps and presentations focused on new ways to engage their customers.
UX design for accessibility and special needs
The challenge
- 2 day design hackathon to solve a real problem for people with disabilities. Assisting those with limited mobility use their travel passes and gain autonomy.

The outcome
- we created a great concept which won the competition. Beacon pass was seen as a great example of design thinking.
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