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Cura Personalis

No description

Mollie Hiller

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Cura Personalis

Why is a healthy mind important?

- attitude
- decision making
- handle life situatuions without stress

What is a healthy spirit?

Spirituality knowing that something greater existss, something more wonderful than what I see in front of me. It is a personal experience and everyone's spirituality differs.
Maintaining a Healthy Spirit
Cura Personalis
"Care for the
whole person"
How to stay mentally healthy:
- go to class and be a good student
- take breaks if you're feeling stressed
- talk to your family and friends often
- engage in social activities

Keeping a healthy body:
- get some form of daily exercise
- make conscious healthy decisions about eating
- avoid drugs and alcohol
- keep up with good hygiene

- reflect on your day
- attend church or service of your choice
- contact campus ministry for involvement opportunities
Having a healthy body can:
- improve happiness
- increase your life span
- improve your mental health
Mollie Hiller
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