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nishat Linen

No description

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of nishat Linen

Apart from the female clothing, which is the reason of its popularity, Nishat also offers the following products under sub-branches such as:
A Presentation by

Stemming from a strong sense of business,  Nishat Mills was founded in 1951 and has  grown to be a leading conglomerate in  Pakistan, specialising in the high quality production of yarn, greige fabrics,  apparel fabrics and retail packed home  textiles.
Nishat Linen
Nishat Linen is one of the leading brand of fashion industry in all over the world and that’s why it’s the most vital accountability to maintain this position.
nishat linen
Nishat Mills
Durriya Arjumand Ahmed

Manaal Ayub
Hira Alvi
Bilal Ali
Nishat offers a variety of clothing products for its customers and is known better for the following:
Summer Lawn
Winter Linen
Other Products
Mens Wear
NL Kids
Housing Accessories
'We stopped saying customers and started saying clients'.
Progress in the past few years
Neglecting the loss due to increase of taxes and unavailability of electricity in 2012, Nishat Linen has progressed sharply in the past few years, as shown in the following graphs:
Thank you
Cause of Popularity
There are several reasons why people love Nishat. From fabric to colours to design, Nishat shows perfection in its clothing. Moreover, the uniqueness and promise that the brand offers, is another cause of the company's fame.
After the survey, Most of the people said that they loved Nishat linen products because of the vivid colours, unique prints and the reliable quality of the cloth.
Journey to Success
Releasing designs at the right time
Offering Variety
Keeping track of customer preferences
Interactive websites
Full Publicity Campaign
Fashion shows
Draw Backs
Lack of brand ambassadors
Going out of stock early

Conclusively, the marketing strategies of Nishat Linen have indeed generated a substantial growth rate; it seems only reasonable enough that other enterprises too work on similar lines to bring about a market base that is not limited within Pakistan, triggering an economic recovery, something that is desperately needed and anxiously awaited.
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