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Greek Mythology

No description

gs students

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Greek Mythology

Greek Goddess Of...
Athena is the Greek Goddess of crafts, wisdom, and war.
Her Birth
Athena's birth is unique and she didn't have a mother. Instead she came out of Zeus's brain full grown.
Greek Mythology
Symbols of Athena
Olive Tree
Towns in ancient Greece had a God or Goddess to watch over them
Athena and Poseidon claimed the same village
Athena challenged Poseidon to a contest where both gods gave the town a gift.
The townspeople would decide which was the more useful gift
Poseidon made a stream appear, but it was salt water
Athena made an olive tree appear which had many uses
Athena was declared winner
In her honor they named their village Athens
The End
Athena helped many heroes like Hercules
Athena was the one who turned Arachne into a spider
Athena cursed Medusa to be like Medusa is now
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