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The Fallout By S. A. Bodeen

No description

Andrew Truax

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of The Fallout By S. A. Bodeen

Figurative Language
all of these literature devices add up to make the theme of The Fallout to represe
nt how you shouldn't let anxiety get in the way of life when you live in a world where that only comes once.
the figurative language shows us that people knew where Eli's family is located and Eli is afraid of what they could possibly do when they find his home.
the internal conflict shows the way Eli is dealing with and how he wants to prevent the whole world from getting his identity. he doesnt want a negative reaction from them nor wanting them to interrogate him throughout his life.
The imagery in the book details his experiences with the people around him and how he reacts to them. But in the end, it doesnt even matter because whats the point of living if you cant actually live it.
Don't let anxiety get in the way of life when you live in a world where that only comes once.
The Fallout
By: S.A. Bodeen

"Tony leaned back in a leather chair, looking totally relaxed as he and Lexie talked. How in the world was he fitting in so well with my family? Obviously from the wrong side of the tracks, so to speak, he should have been feeling uncomfortable, or at the very least, he should have been one of those people who rebels against the excess of the suite."

Page 135
"I sat there, trying to talk myself through it all. Tom Barron wasn't a problem. But whoever tipped him off definitely was. Could it be someone in our security force? I went through the faces in my mind."

Page 147
"In the last few minutes before the program started, the crowd began to pack in tight around us.
My heart raced and my breaths became shorter. I felt like I wasn't getting any air. My hands began to tingle, and I pulled my collar away from my throat. I wanted to scream."

Page 87
"I smiled. 'No, I'm gonna puke.' What a dweeb. I'd imagined some guy staring at me. And then I'd freaked out over some stupid calcium supplements."

Page 73
"We crowded around under the overhang as a soaking wet Lucas came toward us, holding the hand of a boy who looked about my age. he wore a black knit cap pulled down over his ears, a dark green hoodie with frayed cuffs, and faded jeans with holes in the knees. his sneakers were black and beaten up, but his skateboard was nice. like he only had so much money and the skateboard was way more important than his clothes."

Page 94
"She put her number in my contacts. which meant she wanted some sort of... contact.
My gaze went over to Verity, who crouched near the side of the pool as Jamie tried to splash her. Verity laughed. Her laugh alone made me want to know her better.
But it could never work. Could never.
I looked again at the message: Erase this contact?"

Page 60-61
"I take a deep breath deep breath, then move my hands up to cradle her face.
I lean in, close my eyes, and kiss her. When i pull my face back, she smiles up at me. that's what i wanted to do why i saw you.'"

Page 325-326
"'Untrue. in Seattle. Chickens return to roost.'
I shoved away from the desk so hard the chair twirled me around, so i was facing outside.
He knew. @dpreppin definitely knew it had been me at Costco"

Page 100
all these pieces are confirmation of containing figurative language.
The first is an example of an idiom.
it applies whether the person deserved good results and got them or deserved bad results and got them
the second is another idiom used by Eli to say that Tony was from a town that was considered poor and dangerous.
In the middle of the story,the family is tracked from everywhere they go with Eli the only one to notice. He doesn't want anyone to know about their identity from the past including his crush, Verity.
At the beginning of the story, Eli's family makes it clear that they are relieved to be in the outside world by going on a number amount of trips to get out since it has been six years since the last time they went out.
in the end, Eli tells Verity everything wanting to her to give him a second chance not caring what she thinks about his past because he wants to be with and hangout with her.
all these pieces show an internal conflict with what Eli is facing. in all of these quotes for internal conflict, Eli is stressing over the dangers of what could happen to his family if they aren't careful.
All of these are pieces of imagery that Eli describes as are what he is experiencing which are all about the feeling of being in a crowd, the look of Tony, and how he kisses his crush. this is done in thought to paint a picture.
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