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Technolgy in the future!


Tilly- May Hills

on 9 December 2009

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Transcript of Technolgy in the future!

Technolgy in the future! Made by Tilly- May Hills Entertainment In the future there is suposed to be loads of new, fun stuff. there will also be upgradeds from other entertainment that is round now. There is talk about the new xbox
720 coming out, which is the shape of a UFO with mystical curved metal bars along with a majestic greenish liquid light on top. Quiker. LOLo Thank you for Watching! The Project Natal sensor] is an approximately 9-inch (23 cm) wide horizontal bar connected to a small circular base with a ball joint pivot smart new homes Soon there should be sliding walls, as people have got a limit of space people are trying to sort out a way that you could have only a few rooms but have every thing you need which will mean rooms will be able to have more than one use. You will also be able to do things like switch machinery in the home on and off from on holiday and that sort of thing." There will be stuff like self watering pot plants whis will mean you will not have to water the plant because it will tim its self and do it every now and then. Transport An engineer has designed an electric bus that runs on battery power. Some cars will ne run by solar pannel. There will be a more silent, land more environmentally-friendly passenger aircraft for the year 2030 was unveiled in London today.
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