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site map

site map

Ross Wallis

on 6 June 2010

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Transcript of site map

introduction roots proposal practice cadavre exquis digital 'consequences' scrubbing Digital zoetropes context who why what how domain pingpong http://www.photoshoppingpong.com http://www.artatsidcot.org notes & Sources collectings evaluation Extended Practice Interactive Media - (UA1A7A-60-MA) Tutor: Michaela Reiser Ross Wallis - Academic year: 2009/2010 connectings trials site map pedagogy who - a short autobiographical account. why - a montage of experiences that may have led me to a career teaching art what - a second montage; experiences of teaching; approaches, questions, and some feedback. how - a longer piece that sets out a personal pedagogy in relation to my post at Sidcot School. The hypothesis is that I can teach with games, that teaching can be fun, that I can be the games master the ring master, a magician and clown, that my teaching room can be a circus, with desks in a circle rather than in rows.

My reflective study has centred around play and creativity, feeding directly into the practical work that I have done over the past year. images that I have collected of the past year - random, but connected First full game of photoshop pingpong Practial work I walk for half an hour, record my thoughts on an iPhone for a 10 minute section about half way through, up hill and between two gates. Back home I transcribe these recordings to type. journal tumblr bibliograpy visits http://rosswallisma.tumblr.com/ This is a tumblr site that records my journey though the past year, recorded in the websites I have visited, quotes, images, thoughts, etc. As this project has been substantially collaborative, I list the contacts I have made, seminars, visits, and exhibitions.
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