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Photosynthesis Is Like Breakfast

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Marisa Hurlock

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Photosynthesis Is Like Breakfast

It's crazy but if you think about it these two have some things in common. You need your ingredients for both of them! Our equation/ingredients for photosynthesis are carbon dioxide+water+light= glucose. With breakfast eggs+cheese+toast= a yummy sandwich.
Breakfast Ingredients
Just like photosynthesis each breakfast ingredient to make your meal is important. Your eggs will give you protein. Your cheese give you some dairy. The toast helps with grains. Some people even put tomatoes or spinach on their egg sandwiches and that counts as a vegetable. For the final product you have an egg sandwich that has most of the food groups in it for a yummy and healthy breakfast.
Photosynthesis is important to all life because it is the only way to convert energy from the sun to energy our bodies can use
How Does That Happen?
Plants convert energy from the sun to chemical energy that is stored in a sugar called glucose in chemical reaction that also includes ingredients of carbon dioxide and water.
Ingredients are Important
In photosynthesis each ingredient is important as well as the final product. The sun/light is important because it powers the endothermic reaction in photosynthesis. The hydrogen and oxygen in the water are used in the making for glucose and the oxygen gas we breathe. Carbon dioxide and oxygen atoms are used in the formation of glucose during photosynthesis. The final product glucose is used as energy for the plants to help them grow.
Breakfast Energy
Just like photosynthesis, your energy from breakfast is important too. Energy is transferred to you once you eat your breakfast. This energy is used through out the rest of the day. It will even help you stay awake!
Photosynthesis is like Breakfast
Marisa Hurlock
as you see breakfast and
photosynthesis are two
very different things, but
both of them have similarities,
and both are benefits to
our lives.
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