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Understanding Stereotypes

No description

Alida Fowler

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Understanding Stereotypes

How would you describe a Scientist? Describe a Scientist Description Messy Hair
Lab Coat
"Bad Guy"
Lab Equipment
A little Crazy
Glasses Stereotype Definition-noun: An overly simple picture or opinion of a person, group, or thing.

It is a stereotype to say all old people are forgetful.
What are other stereotypes? Girls are not as athletic as boys.
Tall people are good basketball players.
Women are better cooks.
People who are smart are nerds.
All Americans are obese and lazy
Only girls cry. Scientist Did you use stereotypes to describe a scientist? 1) With your neighbor brainstorm what you think a scientist looks like.
2) When you are done, one of you come and write it on the Prezi. With your neighbor think of other stereotypes. Is this how you would describe a scientist?
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