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No description

Deontre Spears

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of DeontreVille

Medium taxes Every year you have to pay the rent.
Every time on my Birthday(January 22) you have to wear my favorite color (blue) and shirt (Mario shirt).
EDUCATION is free.
Help raise money for school.
If you want you can help other with their taxes. My food at groceries stores don't cost that much so you have money for the rent and taxes. Some people might not have that much money to buy things so some food are free. Free Food Prices Health Care Houses And Raise Money For School Some of my houses are free so you can basically live any were but you don't have to pay that much for the rent! The reason why I want to do this is b/c I want the kids to have every thing for school. I chose this because I don't want too little taxes or too much taxes. I also don't want them to leave just b/c it's too much and I money for schools also. By: Deontre Spears
November 26, 2012 DeontreVille My Bill Of Rights My health care is free because I don't wont nobody dying and it will be all my fault. Some people may be very SICK so it have to be free.
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