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gender learning gap 700

No description

Jennifer Strickland

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of gender learning gap 700

Closing the
Gender-Learning Gap What methods are
most effective in teaching
the 9-12 male-learner
language arts? METHODS TO BE EXPLORED:
the implementation of single-gender
classes, specifically those that have
technology infused into the learning environment
Researcher's Bias:
Currently teach all-male
language arts with a technology
Researcher's Lens:
Social Constructivism
"Seek to S "In "Individuals seek understanding of the world in which they
live and work"
(Creswell, 2009, p. 8).

I must maintain an objective eye when analyzing the data. For Every 100 girls . . . Qualitative Study:
surveys, interviews,
observations, and documents I want to know the personal side behind the research.
I want to know the
personal side
behind the research. “Qualitative approaches allow room to be innovative and to work more within researcher-designed frameworks” (Creswell, 2009, p. 19).

technology usage integrated into class two types of language arts classrooms: single-gender, all-male and mixed-gender classes.
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