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No description

Lauren Misner

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of SVP Red

Senior vice president-lauren misner DSP 'n Me Secretary of Beta Zeta
Secretary of Kappa Omega
VP Community Service
Informal Interviewer
Application Grader
Attended Lead 2010
Finance Committee The old stuff what am I Talking about? Call-Outs
Meet the Chapters
Resume Critiques
Application Grading
Special Meeting
Krannert Club Expo
(I'll be quick, I promise)
the itinerary call-outs To Keep To Change Meet the chapters To Keep To Change Interviews To Keep To Change Krannert Club Expo Pinning Initiation Random, but still
Important.. 3 Call-Outs
Teambuilding directly
following call-outs
Sign-Up Sheet for Contact
Information Call-Out 1 Call-Out 2 Call-Out 3 Career Fair Possible MTC Possible MTC Applications Due
Possible MTC
Around the World Special Meeting Pinning Interviews LEAD 2010 Initiation
Post Banquet Nominations Nominations Faculty Initiates
-At least two events per semester Management Week
-Continue Food Crawl
Office Evaluations Committee of 4-5 First Call-Out on Thursday
Next two the following week
New Video
Different Speakers 3 MTC Events Professional/Social
Community Service 5 Formal/3 Informal
Interviewers Pick interviewers
at beginning of
semester Escorts & Greeters Add a behavioral
Revise questions
SVP not a lead
interviewer Special Meeting more.... Resume Critiques
Application Grading
Younger Brothers
To Keep To Change Powerpoint Slides
Total Points listed Unlimited Discussion
Red-Green-Red Thanks for listening.... Budget
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