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luther mannor with paige

luther mannor with paige

Sanchez Kennedy

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of luther mannor with paige

BABE AND DONNA ~ Babe lived in a 3 story house.
~ His favorite room was his bedroom because he slept there.
~ Babe had a big, nice backyard.
~ He lived in a big house in the country. HOUSE ~ Babe was born in Kieler, Wisconsin.
~ Babe had 5 people in his family (4 boys and 1 girl).
~ His best friend is Donna.
~He wanted to a barber. Childhood ~Babe loved to play baseball.
~His favorite toy was BBgun.
~ Babe had a dog.
~In the summer Babe loved to play baseball and horse shoes. play ~His favorite subject is math.
~ Babe's worst subject is history.
~ He played volleyball at recess.
~His favorite grade was 12th. school ~ I live in a 1 story ranch house.
~I love my bedroom because I LOVE to sleep.
~I have a big yard too.
~ I live in a medium size house in the city. ~ I was born in Baltimore, Maryland .
~I have 5 people in my family (2 boys and 3 girls).
~ One of my best friends is Riley.
~ When I grow up I want to be a preschool teacher. ~ I love to play softball.
~My favorite toys are a bat, glove, and a softball.
~ I have 1 fish.
~ In the summer I play softball and hang out with my friends. ~ I like math the most in school.
~ I do not like social studies.
~ I play kickball, basketball, and four square at recess.
~ My favorite grade so far is 3rd. Miss You When I met you you always made me feel welcome. Whenever we talked you would always make me laugh and giggle. I will miss you!
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