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Science Project: White Tiger VS King Cobra

A presentation about the white tiger and the king cobra by: Colin M.

Colin Mcc

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Science Project: White Tiger VS King Cobra

White Tiger
King Cobra King Cobra White Tiger 3. 3. 1. Vertebrates Vertebrates are animals
that have backbones and
spinal columns. and its amazing features The White Tiger SiZe The average white tiger weighs about 450 pounds, is 7 feet long, and with the tail is about 11 feet long. Natural Habitat White tigers live in the dense jungles, mangroves, and swamps of South-eastern Asia, as well as Central and Southern India. Mammal The white tiger is a mammal, so it breathes through its lungs, and is warm-blooded. Female white tigers have two or three cubs at a time, and are pregnant for approximately 100 days. What's on the menu? The white tiger eats many different prey including:
deer, wild boar, buffalo, bison, pythons, sloth bears, crocodiles, tapirs, moose, antelopes, yaks, camels, horses, leopards, hares, rabbits, fish, monkeys, elephants, rhinoceros, cows, donkeys, and dogs. Also... villagers and fishermen. Yikes! Cool fact: white tigers hunt mostly at night because of their nocturnal nature. Cool fact: white tigers are usually bigger than Bengal tigers. Cool Things about the White tiger 1. There have been only ten white tigers seen in the wild for the last 100 years.
2. When a white tiger gets stressed or angered it crosses its eyes.
3. White tigers are not naturally white (for
camouflage reasons in the snow) but exist because of a mutant gene, which doesn't occur often. Most white tigers today exist because of breeding in captivity. The KING Cobra and its cool facts The King Cobra is the world's longest venomous snake, with a length of up to 9.3 metres, and it weighs about 13 pounds! SIZE Cool! The King Cobra lives mostly in the rainforests of countries such as India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Natural Habitat The King Cobra is a reptile so it breathes through its lungs. It is cold-blooded, and it lays eggs for babies. The female king cobra is a great parent! She creates a nest and then guards her 20-40 eggs for 60-90 days. Then when they are about to hatch, she leaves and hunts for other prey so she doesn't eat her own babies! Reptile A cool thing about the King Cobra is that it eats other snakes like rat snakes, pythons, and even other venomous snakes. What's on the menu? Disgusting! Awesome Facts A King Cobra's venom paralyzes its victim and then it dies because of breathing failure.
A King Cobra's fangs can grow 1.5 centimetres long.
A King Cobra can jump twice its length -- that's 18 metres long! Now that you have seen both sides, let's see who
wins the battle! FIGHT! 1. The white tiger has powerful jaws
that could grip the cobra. 2. The white tiger has claws that could slash the cobra. The white tiger can growl loudly to unnerve the cobra so the cobra lets its guard down. The king cobra can extend its ribs forming that ''hood'' shape around its neck making the white tiger unnerved. 2. The king cobra can bite the white tiger so it dies from the venom. The king cobra can make the white tiger angry so it crosses its eyes then the king cobra attacks. So in the end the winner would be... THE King Cobra I think the King Cobra would win because of its venom that would kill the white tiger. Others think the same, because I also did a survey on Facebook and 100% said that the King Cobra would win.

Which animal do YOU think would win?
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