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Guess Company Analysis

No description

amy morgan

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of Guess Company Analysis

Guess Company Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Recommendations & Implications
Specialty products for online stores in different geographic locations
Increase advertisement through a variety of media outlook
Expanding jurisdiction to different countries ( i.e Developing Countires)
Create a pre-set avatar model

Development of Strategic Alternatives
All About Guess
Originally known for their trendy & designer jeans

Target their business at young & fashionable trend setters

Expanded their expertise to shoes, handbags, & watches

In 2014 they expanded their e-commerce aspect to a smart phone application

Main competitors include:
Kate Spade
Calvin Klein
Ralph Lauren
-Organized website
-Direct links to sister sites (Marciano)
-Returns & exchanges
-Economic struggles
-Market competition
-Drop in stock prices

SWOT Analysis
-Expanding the online market
-Staying ahead of the latest technology
-Broaden target market for more potential customers
-State of the economy (high end brand)
-Social Culture
The Status Quo
- Currently lacks advertisements for online shopping
- Has the potential to strengthen online presence
- Maintains strong customer service both in store and online
Basis of Competitive Advantage
- Customer Care

- Image

- Global Enterprise
Guess is a very successful clothing line based on the following:
Payment options/ security
Easy site navigation
Global support
Great customer service ( online and in-store)
Strong E-commerce platform
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