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Learning Styles

No description

Navya Baradi

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Learning Styles

What do your learning styles look like?
Learning Styles

What are our main learning styles?
By Kanika and Navya
Auditory musical
3 examples of our learning style preferences
According to dictionary.com learning style means an individual’s mode of gaining knowledge, especially a preferred or best method.
Auditory musical
Picturing Images
Mind Maps
Drawing pictures
We believe that a learning style is an individual’s easiest way to comprehend information.
What is a Learning Style?
picturing images
mind maps
drawing pictures
What do our Learning Styles look like?
On the debate team
Like to give advice
Talk a lot.
Auditory musical:
listen to music while working
connecting songs to notes
debate team
studying in groups
Remember past conversations
Good memory of songs
Enjoy oral presentations
Read slowly
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