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State of the Union

No description

Ami Soto-Rudd

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of State of the Union

2013 State of the Union

Lakeside Christian School
Elementary School
Middle School
LEAD 21 Benchmarking
Begin Avg. Score , End Avg. Score

K 58% , 88%
1st 76% , 64%
2nd 54% , 82%
3rd 57% , 63%
4th 52% , 50%
5th 51% , 74%
Bragging Rights
1. The University of Oregon analyzed national data for RTI and found that our elementary was in the top ten of schools in effective remediation.
2. RTI's Framework of Excellence.
3. Math Literature process and RTI framework is being implemented into elite texas school district.
4. Ascend National Nominations
5. Large Student Retention Rate

8th Grade Explore
English LCS 15.0 , National 15.2

Math LCS 16.0 , National 15.9

Reading LCS 14.8 , National 15.0

Science LCS 16.8 , National 16.8

Composite LCS 15.7 , National 15.9
Algebra 1 Ready
Math Holds the Key to Entry Into High School...Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, 4th Math

Few 2012-2013 8th graders scored well on the 8th Grade Math Assessment
High School
10th Grade Plan
English LCS 18.2 , National 16.4

Math LCS 17.4 , National 17.9

Reading LCS 19.4 , National 16.9

Science LCS 19.6 , National 18.0

Composite LCS 18.8 , National 17.5
Dual Enrollment (PERT)
2012 - 2013 Kids Scored Well

7 of 9 Passed All 3 Sections
(Reading, Writing, Math)

3 of 9 Earned Opportunity for Honors College

LCS Average ACT Score
2008 2012
25.8 English 20.8
23.8 Math 19.2
27.0 Reading 20.5
22.5 Science 19.7
25.0 Composite 19.8

2012 National Avg. 21.1
2012 Florida Avg. 19.8
Average SAT Score
2012 2013
493.8 C. Reading 417
464.7 Math 395

2012 National Avg.
496 CR
514 Math
Where Do Our Kids Go?
2004 - 2012 ...."Big Three"

SPC 43%
University of South Florida (USF) 12%
Clearwater Christian 7%

131 Graduates Responded

1. Implement Elementary Model
2. Improve Staff Development/Training
3. "Meat and Taters" MS Schedule
4. Re-Align HS Science Classes
5. EOCT for Algebra 1 (Current 6th)
6. ACT Prep Class for Juniors and Seniors
7. Limit FLVS to 4 + Credit Recovery
8. Common Core Curriculum
9. Full Time Guidance
10. Reassess Measurement Instruments
9th Grade Explore
English LCS 16.4 , National 15.7

Math LCS 17.3 , National 16.3

Reading LCS 16.6 , National 15.4

Science LCS 16.9 , National 17.1

Composite LCS 16.8 , National 16.2
Who We Are...
Symbiotic Relationship

Ministry Academic Excellence
Directly part of LCC Social Justice
Extension of Pulpit Equity
We are the Christians Professional Educators

Who We Hire...
Heart for Unsaved
Heart for Ministry
Love for God
Love for Others

Who We Hire...
Excellence in Education
Relentless Teaching
Caring and Loving
Who We Service...
Our Community

Open Enrollment
Academic Ability
Diversity - Ethnicity, Religion, Socioeconomic

5th Class Progress Graph

100% 14/14 Students improved their level

All 9 of the students that started below their grade level
have caught up to their grade or higher

Anthony Alviles improved 5 levels!

5th Ascend Summary

4 Students are in the red (at risk) and need immediate intervention

1 Student is in yellow (at some risk)

4th Dibels Summary

4th Ascend Summary

75% - 15/20 Students in the 40th-99th percentile

3rd Dibels Summary

3rd Class Progress Graph

3rd Dibels Progress Summary

100% - 13/13 Students improved their level

Daniel Gallardo improved 3 levels

3rd Ascend Summary

67% - 8/12 Students in green

Two students improved from red (below 19th percentile) to over 30th percentile

2nd Dibels Summary

2nd Class Progress Graph

100% - 11/11 Students improved their level

No students behind their grade level

2nd Ascend Summary

1st Aimsweb

1st Class Progress Graph

73% - 11/15 Students improved their level

No student is behind their grade level

1st Ascend Summary

85% - 11/13 ended in green (40th-99th percentile)

Noah Reagh went from red to green

No students in danger of failing

K-Dibels Summary

K-Class Progress Graph

77% - 10/13 Students improved their level

No students fell behind their grade level

K-Ascend Summary

Elementary DATA

72% - 8/11 Students in green (40th-99th percentile)

Two students are at high risk and need immediate intervention.

5th Dibels Summary

5th Dibels Progress Summary

4th Class Progress Graph

93% - 14/15 Students improved their level

8 Students started below grade level,
Of those 8, all improved to their grade level or above.

4th Dibels Progress Graph

Ascend Levels

4th Grade

2nd Dibels Progress Summary

67% - 8/12 Students in green (40th-99th)

Addyson Marine and Antonella Moranti went from green to red

1st Dibels Summary

1st Dibels Progress Summary

Dibels Progress Summary

Ascend Levels

5th Grade

Ascend Levels

3rd Grade

Ascend Levels

2nd Grade

Ascend Levels

1st Grade

Ascend Levels


MA 3-4 has 3 (33.2%) students at risk in
concepts and applications

4 (44.3%) students are at risk in math computation

8th Aimsweb Summary

76% - 13/17 Students are behind their grade level

Of the 13 students that are under their grade level,
10 of them did not improve any levels

8th Ascend Summary

5 Students are at risk and need immediate intervention
for concepts and applications

3 Students are at some risk for concepts and applications

MA-2-6 Continued

83% - 20/24 Students improved their level

12 Students were under their grade level
at the end of the year

7th Ascend Summary

6A and 6B are struggle with math concepts and applications

6A – 4 students at risk

6B – 2 students at risk

6th Aimsweb Summary

6B Aimsweb

6A Aimsweb

8th Aimsweb

Ascend Levels

8th Grade

MA-2-6 needs improvement

2 Students are at risk in math computation
and need immediate intervention

5 students are at some risk for math computation

7th Aimsweb Summary

7th Aismweb

7th Grade Ascend Levels

20/20 Students improved their level

85% - of the students started under their grade level

Of the 17 students that were under their grade level,
5 of them ended the year still under their grade level

6th Ascend Summary
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