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Black History Month

No description

Heidi Zimmermann

on 26 January 2012

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Transcript of Black History Month

Martin Luther King, Jr. with profiles of
Mohandas K. Gandhi
and Nelson Mandela Maya Angelou Still I Rise The Infamous
Mr. Bond Civil Rights Activists Jesse Jackson Author, Poet Born in 1940 In 1961, Julian Bond and other college students went to the Georgia Statehouse to observe government in action. Bond was accused of being a communist and anti-American. Should he stand by his statements? Should he modify it in some way? Should he compromise?
Read his biography to find out what he did. This was just one of the many battles he fought for civil rights and equal opportunities of African-American people. Bond believed he had the right to speak out against the Vietnam war. He wanted to stand by what he believed in. But members of the House refused to swear him in. The US Constitution gives all of us the right to freedom of speech. Bond was a member of the SNCC.
The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. The SNCC had issued an anti-war statement and Bond endorsed it. They were run out of the building for sitting in the section marked "whites only". Bond said black people..."have died for the right to vote in Georgia. Now they are saying, what good does it do to get the vote, to elect representatives, if those elected must face attitude tests and loyalty oaths?" Five years later, in 1966 Bond was back in the Georgia Statehouse again... Bond's supporters wanted him to apologize, modify the statement or do whatever it took to just get the seat in the House. This time he was there to be sworn into office as a member of the House of Representatives! The Biographical Connections
offer a biography
with profiles of two prominent individuals, who are associated with that person through...
influences they had on one another,
the successes they achieved,
or the goals they worked toward. Next activist
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