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10/2103 - Term 1 - Film Studies

Suke Driver

on 26 July 2014

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Multiple women, one man

! Laura Mulvey first coined the term 'Male Gaze' in 1975. She believed that audiences have to 'view' characters from the perspective of a
heterosexual male.

! Female viewers experience the text narrative secondarily, by identifying with a man’s perspective (male gaze).
of Women
! Male gaze theory argues that there is a tendency in works to present female characters as subjects of implicitly male visual appreciation (Male Gaze)
! Undermining a womens role in media
by unnecessarily and repeatedly
sexualising her, and focusing on and
fragmenting her physicality
! Mulvey used Freuds psychoanalytic
theory to identify the influence of a
patriarchal society in relation to film

! Men suffer castration anxiety and feel less powerful if a woman is not objectified or placed in a position of low authority

! This unconcious idea is that a males power and dominance over a female is his
, and his dominance is threatened by a woman if she does not arouse this.
Male gaze
De - humanised
In-animate object
These kind of
portrayals are
in an
majority of
due to an overwhelming majority of
male directors
Film Theory
Philosopher /sociologist
Karl Marx wrote the communist manifesto in 1848

Condemnation of capitalistic excess and celebration of the heroism and humanism of the underclass

Applied to film,
Marxist film critics are wary of how cinema supports
dominant ideology in society .
Communism vs Capitalism
Realism vs Ideology
Society vs Individual
Class War

a typical example of America's capitalist excess and ideology in both narrative and cost/earnings of the production
Revolution o'clock
Most mainstream films
abide to maintain a
culturally idealised status quo:
Good will Triumph
Effort will be rewarded
Individual gain
Understanding Theoretical Models
of Film Analysis
1925 silent film directed by Russian Sergei Eisenstein. A communist propaganda film based on a true story which manipulatied its imagery via montage and editing to gain a sympathetic reaction towards the rebellion against the Tzarist regime
Battleship Potemkin
Bond movies have a lot to answer for !!!!
Skyfall -
Severines death
Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock
Setting expressions of the capitalist system against itself
Director Ken Russell
Open Up
(and with a bit of messing from me)
The camera is used as a tool of voyeurism
and sadism, disempowering
those before
its gaze
Kathryn Bigelow - the only female director to win an Oscar...ever ! (The Hurt Locker 2008)
Femininity = Threat
Changeling by Clint Eastwood demonstrates attitudes towards women that still prevail in todays media
A woman's independence = a threat to male dominance therefore portray her disempowered - hysterical, crazy, sex object, in servitude ,
Filthy Lucre = shameful profit
Feat. John Lydon
Open Up
Male Gaze and Communist film theories allow us to understand how the Mainstream film industry tries to influence and manipulate the viewer through it's continued adherence to outdated and idealised stereotypes and societal structures/oppresion...

Selling ones soul to the devil seems to be very much at the forefront of furthering ones career in the mainstream with directors generally conforming to an omnipresent set of unwritten rules where Money, rather than artistic integrity/responsibility, is the guiding force - Rehashing the same old stories time and time again.

A male dominated industry needn't, but generally does, still objectify women to a shocking degree. womens' careers in the industry, though more prevelant than ever, continue to be very much in the minority...

A womens sensuality is a powerful and beautiful thing: the expression of which have their context - Roles portraying this positively are few and far between. Women actors are guilty of perpetuating this by continuially allowing themselves to be objectified in the roles they play. Increasingly, Men are also being subjected to objectification...by men...

though Films are for our entertainment and escapism, there must be within, a responsibility, a code of ethics, which positively and open-mindedly contribute to a more enlightened, equal, democratic and evolving society/world

Achieving balance between ideology and realism in film and portraying people as human beings first, rather than from gender-bias would be of significant benefit to individual and societal evolution.
Escapism into the same old, same old is not escapism... it's total oppression. Wake up world... go watch one of these:

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