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Previous Thinking In Text Bends

No description

Amber Bartlein

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Previous Thinking In Text Bends

New Thinking In Text Bands:
Jen Serravallo's work
Beginning at Level K, text bands vary based on complexity of the work required
Complexity is divided into four strands:
Plot and Setting: Retelling, Synthesizing, Visualizing
Character Development: Inferring, Analyzing, Interpreting
Vocab and Figurative Language: Monitoring, Using Context
Themes and Ideas: Determining Importance, Interpreting
Within each strand is a hierarchy of skill development, with some skills not beginning until later levels
Think of the complexity as an escalator, the demands are continuously growing across the levels. However, at different points, you hit a landing and switch escalators
How does this affect my assessment?
Read Aloud Assessment
Whole book thinking...what kinds of questions do I ask? What kinds of responses should I expect?
Work Samples
How does this affect my teaching?
Teaching into Text Bands Resources
Writing about Reading
Teaching points spread over time to develop skills within a strand
Focus goals based on assessment, or aligned with Unit of Study-Follow up in Conferring and Small Groups
What we used to know:
Teachers College Reading & Writing Project
Levels A-K bands informed by Fountas and Pinnell Guided Reading Continuums
Lower level bands-A-B, C-D, E, F-H, I-J
Upper level bands-KLM, NOPQ, RST, UVW, XYZ
Upper level bands heavily grounded in Fiction Work, comprehension
Large emphasis on character development and complexity
Has evolved over time and helped us to rethink how kids grow across levels of text
Instrumental in identifying levels that may require heavy coaching and teaching to bridge to the next text band
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