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Stay away Tooth Decay

This presentation will help explain the importance of brushing teeth to a kindergarten class.

Kim Terenzi

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Stay away Tooth Decay

Stay Away Tooth Decay Good For your teeth

Bad for your teeth
Not brushing Ways to keep teeth healthy.
Brush atleast twice a day
Brush all not just the front
Take your time
Flouride We will read the Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist and talk about the book. Each student needs:
one egg
one cup
toothpaste Day One:
Each child will drop their "tooth" into the dark soda.
What do you think will happen to the egg overnight.
Day 2:
Before allowing children to take out the egg. Talk about good brushing techniques
How did Brother Bear and Sister Bear's Visit to the Dentist Go?
Did the Dentist give them good news or bad news?
What would be good news?
What would be bad news? Egg Activity:
Putting an egg in soda overnight to show what bad things will do to teeth. Take egg out of soda and apply toothpaste to toothbrush After brushing eggs as they would thier teeth
Talk about what happened once they used their good brushing skills After activity Review
Good brushing tecniques
Good and bad things for your teeth.
Be excited about taking care of your teeth!
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