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The Cabuliwallah

Group 5 prezi for Mr. Walden P1

Jayden Lopez

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of The Cabuliwallah

The Cabuliwallah Jayden Lopez
Juan Rojas
Alexandra Drury POV, Setting, Mood, and Tone - 1st person through Mini's father
*A kind-hearted man who sees past appearances.

- Calcutta, India (no set date)

Mood: Heart-warming. Author shows sacrificial love throughout story

Tone is positive. Although there are sad parts, happiness still reigns in the story. Theme Analysis Theme 1:
The significance of a father's love for his child.
- Cabuliwallah always carried an imprint of his daughter's hand close to his heart.
- Mini most likely reminded him of his own daughter which partly explains why he visited often.

Theme 2:
Having a close relationship with someone does not depend on age or origin.
- Mini quickly befriended the Cabuliwallah.
- They talked on the front porch and Mini's father was especially surprised on how well he would listen to his talkative daughter. Plot
Analysis Character
Analysis Literary
Elements Directly told that she is talkative
Indirectly told that she is naive and nice.
A protagonist
Not stock
Flat character
Dynamic in that she matures through the story Mini Mini learns that there really isn't a child in the Cabulliwallah's bag.

Mini realizes what the father-in-law's house actually is. Throughout the story Indirectly shown as being a friend ly man
An important character in the book
Stock character being a poor seller dressed in rags
Flat as he only has 1 personality trait
Static as he doesn't change throughout the story The Cabuliwallah The Cabuliwallah talked to Mini because she reminded him of his own daughter back home.

The Cabuliwallah realized that while he was traveling and in jail, time passed and his own small daughter was probably now mature like Mini. Throughout the story Irony - The Cabuliwallah is very nice to Mini. He never shows any sign of aggression towards her. Yet he stabs a man for not paying his debt.

Foreshadowing - The Cabuliwallah and Mini joked about the father-in-law's house and they both ended up going to it. Mini's marriage - Symbolizes her maturity and that she isn't a little girl anymore.

The hand print - Symbolizes a drawn connection between the Cabuliwallah and his daughter, even throughout the years and travel. Symbolism Flash forward - The story flash forwarded at least 5 years. In this time the Cabuliwallah served his time in jail and Mini grew up. Flash Forward Characters: Mini, the narrator's daughter.
Rahman, the cabuliwallah Exposition: Setting: Calcutta, India
no exact date or time Mini thinks the cabuliwallah kidnaps children and keeps them in his bag.

Mini starts spending time with him after she finds nothing wrong with him.

Mini's parents doubt the cabuliwallah and his relationship with their daughter. Conflict: Mini spends a lot of her time with the cabuliwallah.

She builds a strong relationship with him full of laughter.

They begin talking about going to her "father in laws house" which means going to jail. Rising Action: Occurs when the cabuliwallah is collecting his debts.
As he's collecting his money, one of his costumers denies buying from the cabuliwallah.
The cabuliwallah then pulls
out a knife and stabs him.
As a result, the cabuliwallah
gets sent to jail for several years. Climax: Once the cabuliwallah returns from jail, he goes to Minnie's house thinking she will still be the same little girl he knew.

He finds out that Mini is getting married.

He tries to revive their old friendship but does not succeed. Falling Action: The cabuliwallah realizes that he will have to try and start their friendship anew, although it won't be the same.

Mini continues with her wedding ceremony.

Rahman travels back to his
country to reunite with his daughter Resolution: Overall view of the story was positive.

Nothing too interesting, but nothing too boring.

Definitely had its moments. Reviews
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