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How did the War of 1812 change America politically, economic

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Daniel Guevara

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of How did the War of 1812 change America politically, economic

The War of 1812
The Political Change
The political change was that after the war, in 1823 James Monroe passed the Monroe Doctrine. It states that no European country can colonize on any North and South continent country. I think he did this because the British came and interfered with us and it resulted in a war.
The Social Change
The social change was that many Americans had more nationalism than before. They felt it because they just beat the strongest country in the world twice! They proved to the world that America was not a country to mess with.
The Economic Change
The economic change was that our manufacturing inside the country boosted because of the war. During the war, the British were cutting off our coastline so we couldn't trade or receive any supplies. So our manufacturing became our source of supplies and our economy.
Source 1:"The War of 1812" Development of a Nation, U.S. History in Context, 11 May 2015
In conclusion, the war of 1812 brought many changes to America. It boosted our country's manufacturing, it convinced James Monroe to pass the Monroe Doctrine, it somehow started the end of the Federalist Party, and it increased the level of nationalism. The war changed America for the best.
Another change
Also, after the war the Federalist party seemed to fade from our politics. One event that greatly harmed it was John Quincy Adams attack on the Federalist party at the Hartford Convention. He made a speech saying,"The coalition of Hamiltonian Federalism with the Yankee spirit had produced as incongruous and absurd a system of politics has ever been." He was basically saying the Federalist party was a corrupt politic group.

Ps: John Quincy Adams was a Federalist too!
A Map of the British
Here is how the British cutting the coastline looked.
How did the War of 1812 change America politically, economically, and socially?
The War of 1812 was between the U.S and the British during 1812-1815. It was fought because of British interference with U.S shipping and trading. At the end, many changes came to America, but what were they?
Daniel Guevara
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