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No description

Tomasz Makowiak

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of ITO

To Outsource or
Not To Outsource? Facts about outsourcing Reducing operating costs
Focus on core business
Decreased impact of qualified IT and human resources shortage
Speed up time to market
CEE provide innovative solutions
Transferring a risk Benefits Our approach Efficient IT Outsourcing with Sourcine What is outsourcing? What companies
outsource? Where to companies
outsource? Will companies
outsource in future? Transferring portions of work to a third party. It can include anything from outsourcing management to outsourcing clearly defined small portions of work such as data recovery. Outsourcing is most often used by companies from Information Technology and Financial Services industries. In 2012 in UK more than 80% of companies utilizing outsourcing were from IT or Financial industries Outsourcing is not only a domain of big companies. Small and medium companies are significant consumers if ITO services. More than 40% of outsourced projects in UK are less then 49k €.
50% of providers are smaller than 50 employees
More than 35% of companies using outsourcing is smaller than 20 employees. but... Most of the outsourced projects are small in value (€0-49K) and require only 1–3 IT specialists to complete and... Companies from UK tend to outsource nearshore rather than offshore Only 13% of SMEs decided to outsource offshore in 2010 Almost 80% wants to continue to outsource.
More than 80% companies in the future plans to outsource on- or nearshore rather than offshore. challanges More than 60% companies point cost reduction as one top reasons to outsource Total costs of ownership can be more than twice lower in CEE than in WE (eg. UK 10,686 to PL 4,680; 2 person software development team). 50% of companies use outsourcing in order to focus on core business 70% of companies thinks that vast talent pool is very important factor in vendor selecting process and Lack of vendor's resources
Change management
Misunderstanding of goals
Poor communication with team members
IP security
Cultural difference More than 60% software development companies in the UK claim that slow time to market will drive them into outsourcing in the near future. Companies should look for peers that will not simply repeat their business model but also will be able to offer innovations and improvements to their business With use of deep knowledge and experience in software development we created range of outsourcing services that make a great chance for our customer to get the most out of ITO.
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