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Water Pollution

No description

Gene Monahan

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Water Pollution

Chemical water Pollution
Chemical water pollution is caused by three main pollutants that are included as pesticides, petroleum, and metals and solvents. What can we do to stop all of this chemical water pollution?
Petroleum is another form of a water pollutant that contaminates water by oil spills. This oil will have an effect on the wild life by making the feathers of birds stick together (making birds not being able to fly) and the death of many, many fish. This is very dangerous because oil spills will spread very far.
Metal comes from industrial work and can pollute lakes and rivers. This is dangerous to many forms of aquatic life and can slow down development. This results in death or severe injury.
Solvents also come from an industrial work to damage aquatic life and harm the environment as much as metal does!
How we can help
We can help the environment in many ways but here are five key important ways.
Don't flush down medicine or pills down the toilet
Avoid using the garbage disposal
Use fewer chemicals to clean your house
Dispose of waste properly
Avoid using plastic
Pesticides are a type of chemical that is mainly used as a type of fertilizer/ poison to control weeds, insects, and fungi. Run- offs of the chemical can water pollute the aquatic life. Birds and humans can be affected by this too! Infected animals can make us very ill and may even kill us if we eat it!
Water Pollution!
By: Hannah Gobell

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