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Copy of Wind Power Team 4

No description

Brian Cardwell

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Wind Power Team 4

Design Overview
Module 1
Blade & Hub Assembly
Module 2
Braking Sub-Assembly
Module 3
Gearing & Generator Sub-Assembly
Module 4
Shaft & Coupling Sub-Assembly
Design Summary
- Design Overview

- Budget

- Project Testing Plan

-Project Timeline

-Prototype Proposal

Blade Design
-5 Blades
-Lift Design
-3-D Printed
-Tip Speed Ratio-3
Module 5
Housing and Shaft Sub-Assembly
Wind Power Team 4
Module Breakdown
Hub Assembly
-Diameter = 2.76 in
-2 Piece Mate Design
-Custom Notch and -Tooth Mating Pair
-Press Fit Design
-RC Rotor and Caliper

-Hand Braking vs. Servo

-Increasing Shaft Size to Resist Deflection
Braking Analysis
-D-Shaft to Hub Mount

-Ball Bearing Interface

-1/4in to 5mm Coulpler to Increase Shaft Sizing
Generator Sub-Assembly
- Electrifly Ammo 28-56-1530 kV Brushless In-Runner Electric Motor
-2050 rpm/Vrms
-Requires Cooling at 8000 rpm and Overheats at 15000 rpm
- Internal Mounting Cylinder

- 3" Sch 40 PVC

- Fatigue Strength = 17MPa

- Max Stress = .6 MPa

- Base Flange
Module 6
Electrical Sub-System
- Output Leads From Generator

- Mounted Outside of the Shaft
Design Testing
- Cut-in Speed
-Power output
Stop in 10s
Nose Cone
Hub Coupler
- High Torque, Low Speed
-10:1 vs 4.5:1 Gear Ratio
-ElectriFly Pre-Manufactured
Gearing Sub-Assembly
Test Produced
Prototype Presentation
Module 1
Blade & Hub Assembly
Module 2
Braking Assembly
Module 3
Gearbox & Generator Assembly
Module 4
Shaft & Coupler Assembly
Module 5
Housing Assembly
Module 6
Electrical Assembly
1/4in D-Shaft
Rotor Hub
Gearbox Housing
Mounting Bracket
Hub Mount
Bearing Mount/Bearing
Shaft Coupler
Internal Mounting Cylinder
- Wind Turbine Prototype is Expected Produce 10 W of Power at a Wind Speed between 10m/s to 14m/s
- Wind Turbine Expected To Have a Cut-in Speed of 5m/s or less
- Turbine Will Stop Within 10s of Applying Brakes


Outline of Future Schedule
-Construction (24 days) : Mon 2/24-Thu 3/20

-Prototype Presentation : Fri 3/21

-Testing (12 days) : Mon 3/31- Fri 4/11

-Competition : Fri 4/18

- Wind Turbine Project Completion : Wed 5/14
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