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United Way YPI Project

Youth and Philanthropy Initiative Project, Charity United Way

zora wilde

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of United Way YPI Project

The United Way
of the Lower Mainland The Beginning Of... February 28th, 1930
The first annual meeting of the Vancouver Council of Social Agencies was held.

This was beginning of the charity that helps millions of people. Who knew that something so small could change the lives of millions of people.

Before it officially became United Way it was a simple campaign, called the Red Feather, after awhile it grew into a world wide organization. The Main Focus The United Way focuses on three main issues
in our community Bullying Child Poverty Senior isolation We strive to create a non judgmental environment where those who suffer are cared for and are a part of a harmonious community. Our Mission Sami Manley Natalie McLennan Samantha Martin Hannah McCallum ...United Way Who does United Way affect? Approximately 1/3 people (300,000 people) are helped each year by United Way of the Lower Mainland.
only 14% of the money that they collect goes to the full time team of 70 staff
86% of all money collected goes straight into the programs to help the people who need it.
United Way has up to 50,000 volunteers during their peak fundraiser events
With so many staff and volunteers United Way is able to help a very large portion of the population Goals Long term. Short term To make an impact on all age groups of our community

To creat more awareness on the three mainfocus points

Be a strong viable organization Engage more with young adults and teens to help them make a positive impact.

Expand further out into the Sunshine Coast Fatima's Story Working more with schools to provide student services after school hours. What would United Way do with the grant? They'd use it for something that we think is important to us in the community. They even said they would ask us for help on how to use the money and that they wanted to work with us in the future OUR Youth and Philanthropy Initiative PROJECT How does United Way puts their dollars to good use? Donations always help! Money doesn't grow on trees~! Dollars hard at work to fund their programs such as
success by 6 (child poverty)
bc211 (bullying)
better at home (senior issolation) Fuel for Change

14% goes to the staff
the other 86% goes to the people that need it. To strengthen our community's capacity to address social issues. Mission Statement Vision A healthy, caring, inclusive community. Fatima was a criminology student at Kwnatlen polytechnic university. She has an easy smile and sunny confidence, but it was not always like this.

When Fatima was in high school she was constantly bullied for having very high grades and then for having low grades when she purposly let them drop. No matter what she did those bullies were determined to make Fatima think she couldn’t win.

These bullies were cruel, throwing her possessions in the garbage, her hand clamped in a welding machine ready to be burned, her own teammates throwing balls at her hard enough to make her fall. She tried to get help from her teachers but was met with indifference- a common problem, and she realized she needed to take it further.

With the help of united way she learned to stand up for herself. “As soon as I started to feel I could stand up to them, I started to see fear in their eyes. That’s when I started to understand how insecure they were.” My Story special thanks to linda etc etc BN108110185RR0001 Charity's Registration Number DONATIONS~! helpful companies Imagine gift catalog~! Fundraisers! Sami Manley United Way of... United Way Worldwide the Lower Mainland India Ballarat Lanao del Norte Pagadian Cagayan de Oro Phlippines Australia Canada America United Kingdom Honolulu Kahului Hilo Kailua-Kona Wailuku Lihue Hawaii Alaska Yukon Quebec Kenai Tanana Valley Anchorage Fort McMurrey Winnipeg Alberta Washington Oregon Wisconsin Iowa Utah Wyomie Colorado Montana Eureka Phoenix Tuscon Juarez New Mexico Texas District of Columbia Atlanta Toronto Prince Edward Island New Brunswick Nova Scotia Newfoundland and Labrador A Helping Hand Through the Years A personal succes story by Fatima A very special thank you to Linda Stadey, Sally Richards and Jeff !
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