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Victorian Times

No description

Hessah Hessah

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Victorian Times

Victorian Children
Life for Victorian Children was nothing like Childhood today. Wealthy Victorian Children would be overwhelmingly bored and would be forced to be polite and proper with very little communication with their family. On the other hand , the Poor had to work public jobs so their families could survive and would make homemade dolls and wooden blocks and their family was closer , loving and more caring
Poor Children
What They Ate and Some of Their Jobs
Wealthy Children
While the wealthy children may have been spoiled and had a much better life than the poor children, they also had what would seem to be a sad, gloomy and short-lived life. They were raised by Nanny's that taught them how to be proper , dress correctly and be polite
Facts about the Victorian Era
What They Dress Like.
Wealthy Victorian Woman wore long gowns with a tight corset .
Wealthy Victorian Men wore a button up shirt , a tie , a belt and pants (optional : Sweater)
Pictures Of Workhouses
Pictures of the Wealthy Children
Victorian Times
Abandoned Children or Children who don't have parents have to go to Workhouses to work Jobs as
an Orphan for a living or until someone wants to buy them

Some of their food include
Butter , Bread & Cheese ,
Meat , Broth and different types of Pudding. Their Jobs Include Cleaning , Laundry , Cooking , Sewing and Weaving.
The Victorian Era was named after Queen Victoria's Reign of England.
Queen Victoria has ruled
England for 64 years from
1837 to 1901

By : Hessah
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