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Ethical issues in software and internet piracy

Dindi Harris Samuel

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Ethics

Ethical Issues in Piracy
Should software be developed as an off the shelf product or an open source?
What is your take on SOPA(Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA(Protect Intellectual Property Act)?
Should the internet be censored?
Is sharing of information freely without boundaries an ethical idea?
Is sharing of information a good idea?
Software piracy?:Duplication of software without paying the licensing fee to own or use it
How is it done?
Done by copying,downlaoding,sharing ,selling or installing multiple copies onto personal or work computers.
Is it legal?According IIPA(International Intellectual Property Alliance) it is ilegal.You can only install a software once or twice based on the version you hve purchased if it's single user or multiple user.
What is it?
It is theft and reuse of entities found on the internet.
How is it done?
Through auction websites,Peer to Peer(P2P) networks,social networking sites.
Forms of internet piracy:
Movie piracy
Music piracy
Game piracy
E-Books piracy.
Internet Piracy
Illegal downloading of movies ,music,games and e-books from Torrents for personal or commercialuse.

Movie producers spend huge lumpsome of cash on every movie released,but does not cost much to upload them to piratebay.com for users to download free of charge.
Internet Piracy cont'
According to Business Software Alliance(BSA),41% of all software in use across the world is pirated.
Kenya'scurrent state 79% software piracy rate has reduced by 10% over the four years.
Could create 977 local IT jobs and contribute $73.60 million to kenyan GDP according to IDC.
Research by microsoft E.Africa shows that 20% of kenyans use genuine software which is lower than the global average of 41%
Zimbabwe is ranked highest in Africa with 93% of software piracy.
Where are we currently?
Is the world turning against ethics?
Is it right just and fair to sell softwares?
What is your take on all these?
Is this the solution to our problems?
Is the future bright if they were implemented?
Was the internet community and the big tech companies wrong to block it?
Is there a promising future?
Internet Piracy
End user piracy
Client Server Piracy
Disc Loading
Software counterfeiting
Types of Piracy.
User piracy or employee piracy occurs when an employee of a company illegally duplicates software made available by his or her employer for personal use.
Software counterfeiting occurs when a user makes illegal copies of software applications and makes them available for purchase.
Internet Piracy
End user privacy
Client server overuse
Hard disc loading
Types of Piracy
Client-Server Overuse: Occurs when too many users on a network are using a central copy of a program at the same time
Hard disc loading occurs when a computer reseller loads illegally obtained software or loads a legal copy on multiple computers for sale.
Server overloading
A less-popular type of software piracy occurs in the workplace. When too many users attempt to use software on a particular server at one time, the application is subject to "overuse,"
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