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Does having no rules mean freedom?

This Prezi would be about comparing a society. In it, that society would be in 2 different governments. One is a democracy, and the other is an anarchy.

Jeromel Lara

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Does having no rules mean freedom?

Who started or believed in anarchy?
- The movement of anarchism throughout the world has been happening since ancient times in Greece and Rome, and this movement of protesting against the government carried on through the Middle and Renaissance age. Its still happens today.

- The first person to acknowledge himself as an anarchists was Pierre-Joseph Proudhon in the 1840s. He claimed, "As man seeks justice in equality, so society seeks order in anarchy."

What is anarchism?
- Anarchy is a Greek word (anarchos) meaning "no government."
- Basically the philosophy of anarchism means the people would survive on their own without any help from the government.
- It may sound like freedom, but in reality, human nature isn't perfect, and a place without rules equals chaos and injustice.
What is life in an anarchistic society?
- Self-sustainability is not in everybody's reach.
- People always have to worry about their safety because there are no laws or authority that governs them.
- People have to basically "mind their own business."
- No authority = chaos
- No rules = disorder
- Higher crime rate
- Low to no income at all for workers.

What does our country's government have that an anarchistic society doesn't?
Our government has many things that an anarchism society doesn't have.
- We have a president
- There are three branches of government(Legislative, Executive, and Judicial).
- We have strict laws in which everyone must follow. A Police force enforces all of these laws. These laws keep us safe.
-When there is a government present, things are extremely orderly. In a anarchist society, people are "running all over the place."
- Our government makes our money. Without a government, you are unable to earn any money. This can lead to stealing and/or trading, which can be very difficult.
Why is having a democratic government better than anarchism?
Does having no rules mean freedom?

Us, humans, are superior to all living things. However, it doesn't make us perfect. You may say, or I may say, I don't need rules, I know how to behave. But, nature is not perfect, so if we live on a life without rules, we cannot guarantee great behavior. In fact, the opposite of freedom may occur.
The government in our country that is made up of "We the people." It's a government were we vote for our leaders that will maintain order in our country.
A philosophical idea that our society doesn't need an authority to maintain order and laws. Basically, it's a society without a government.
Anarchism may occur after a chaos in a country. However, in our world, there has never been a fully anarchistic government.
Which countries have an anarchistic government?
There are no countries in the world that have a permanent anarchistic government; however, difficult times called for a temporary, anarchistic society.
- Syria: Right now, there is a war going on between President Assad and the rebels, who are mostly terrorist. Because of the conflict, there is no clear, strong government in some or most areas of Syria.
- Somalia: From 1991 up to about 2010, Somalia has no government. Basically, at that 2 decades of anarchy, some people resort to crimes like piracy and terrorism.
- New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: People have been stealing each other's property after the hurricane struck. High crime rate with no immediate authority to stop them due to the catastrophe.
- Italy: Before Mussolini got power in Italy, his fascist group created a commotion (anarchy) that would make the people put him to power for authority, no matter if he's a fascist.
- Germany: Like Italy, the Nazi's formed chaos to put Hitler into power.
Countries may turn to an anarchy after the government won't work for that country and massive rebellions occur. It could also be a decisive plan by a smaller group of people to make a society into an anarchy, so they could step into power with more power (Oligarchy).
What causes some countries or communities to turn to anarchism?
Why did some people support an anarchistic society?
- Some people supported anarchism because they believe they were responsible enough to live by themselves, without a government to protect them.
- Also, people supported anarchy because of the terrible pressures that led them to believe in anarchy like a suppressive government.
- Not necessarily did people hate governments, they just wanted to search for religious freedom. They didn't want the government interfering with their beliefs.
- With a government, especially a democracy, everyone would be guaranteed with freedom to live, work, eat, and speak.
- Anarchy may have no laws, but laws is what keeps us united. If our country doesn't have it, then it would crumble up, since there is no unity.
- This is the reason why we learn to collaborate. In our world, no man's an island, so we need each other to maintain order and freedom.
To conclude, an anarchistic society may promise better things on paper, but in reality, there are no better things in this type of society. In addition, difficult situations like civil wars and rebellion can cause a nation to become an anarchy.

It's up to us to maintain a democratic government. We are the future, and we have the right to live in an orderly, free place and not a free, but disorderly place. After all, we are humans that are not perfect, but can live together to maintain a better world. As the saying goes, "United we stand, divided we fall."
Note that the ancient Romans and Greeks invented the republic and democracy. Not all of them are anarchist.
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. The first person to boldly claim that he is an anarchist.
We have rights to, government!
That's it! We don't want to have a government anymore.
Civil Unrest
The theory of anarchism according to anarchists:
A society without a government equals anarchy, which would result to paradise. However, the opposite of this actually happens.
The oligarchy that usually comes after an anarchy is mostly a small group of powerful people that comes into power after promising glory after the anarchy that they, themselves created.
We don't want a government anymore!
You are trampling our rights!
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