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JIT at Arnold Palmer Hospital Case Study

No description

Kara Comer

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of JIT at Arnold Palmer Hospital Case Study

JIT at Arnold Palmer Hospital Case Study Chapter. 16
The immediate solution is to get another pack but the advantage of JIT is that the error is known immediately at APH within a day of delivery.
3. When discussing JIT in services, the text notes that suppliers, layout, inventory and scheduling are all used.

1. What do you recommend be done with an error is found in a pack as it is opened for an operation?

Inventory is at a minimum to ensure that bad product is not made, shipped and stored the plus at APH is that quality is enhanced by maintaining only limited storage, Scheduling that meets JIT demands, schedules only what is needed when it is needed. Layout is modified to be near to the work are and with no space for excess storage. Suppliers get on board with high quality frequent deliveries.
2. How might the procedure for custom surgical packs described here be improved?
APH could reduce the number of packs in the buffer from one day to less than one day fix leading.

4. When a doctor proposed a new surgical procedure, how do you recommend the SKU for a new custom pack be entered into the hospital’s supply chain system?
The request for changes and all new products goes to the Medical Economics Outcomes Committee. Reducing the proliferation of SKUs is a continuing issue at APH as it is for operations personnel everywhere.
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