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Sustainable tranport on the island of Samsø

Island institute webinar - 7- november 2014

Søren Stensgaard

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Sustainable tranport on the island of Samsø

Fossil free Island
LNG Pit-stop!
Bunkering once a day
Bunkering time - 10 to 15 minutes
Sustainable transportation on the Island of Samsø
Modes of Transportation
Why we choose LNG?
600 pax
160 cars
98 meters long
4 dual fuel engines
LBG production
Fossil free transport
Agricultural waste Energy crops
LNG from 1. december 2014
LBG from 1. december 2016!?
LBG - Fossil free ferry
Next step towards a fossil free fuel society
Samsø Energy Island
Hou - Sælvig
Emission Control Areas
LNG operating costs compared to MGO?
2014 EU tender for MF Samsø
12 % less in favor for LNG!
1 Hour trip
on foot
Terminal building
Passenger waiting rooms
40m3 LNG tank on board
Daily consumption app. 10 m3
New LNG trailer delivered every 3 to 5 days - depending on consumption
The wheels on the bus goes round and..
Public sector - municipal cars
EV public avareness and charging stations
EV - eldercare. 8 out of 13
Heavy transport - Busses, trucks and tractors
Private cars
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