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Miss Nadia Abdelmoniem

a Birthday gift for my sister and friend Nadia

Hoda Ashraf

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Miss Nadia Abdelmoniem

The window of Love
The Story of Miss Nadia

Our lady , Nadia Abdelmoniem ..
Today is her Birthday .. So I want to give her a special birthday present by offering her that show ..

Please Don't judge my work as it's my first time doing so .. I wanted to start it specially for my small lady
Nadia , I just have known her a year ago ..
After the military coup in the country of 7000 year of civilization :P and the massacre of Rabia El adwiaa and El nahda where a great genocide happened and more than 4000 innocent peaceful people were killed and burned their body ..
we have built a wide strong relationship with all people who stands with us , defending the right against the wrong .
Specially those who wanted to do their best to see the right , peace , justice , civilization , Development in their country ..
Next year in the beginning of the Academic study ..
I was so desperate , Thinking that all people in our blessing collage are interested in our death ..

Surprisingly , I came up with an idea .. To collect all people who are Rabawiaa and to build a relationship to be able to goooo oooon and endure all the negative energy , to just face our fears and stands strongly against the coup's military suppression ..

So , That's how I met our lady , Miss Nadia Abdelmoniem and her friends ..
Miss Nadia Abdelmoniem
Birthday 24/9/2014
Friends forever
That's how the story began
and the photo shows how the story is going on ..
We found out that it's time to add a valuable thing to our life ..
In that show we aren't going to talk about us .. We are just going to talk about Nadia with consideration of her loyalty to her Goodness :D
First of all when you see her in a blink of an eye .. you mostly may see a nervous girl but with too mush shining eyes ..
You may think oh that girl one day will be a great lady !
How ?!
You have no idea but her eyes are shining :D

We all thought that Nadia is going to be some famous person but how she needed to prove that ..

She studied like others , got an acceptable grade in the first year .. Then our real story has begun

As every Egyptian lady in the holiday .. has nothing to do unless if you consider watching movies and moving from one bed to another is something to be considered ..
The remarkable thing about Nadia is that she did that but she tried to change and that is the core of the story .. "Trial and will"
-Did she stand back ?!
-Yes , maybe like any other normal person
-Did she stop ?!
-No dear .. She is different :D
It was said that The God gave us gifts when we have passion , will , need to do something .
One day her mother brought so many textile that she had no idea what to do with ..
Our lady saw the textile and thought oh why not i start using my time again
I think you already know what I mean now ..
Searching again .. Self study in both designing and sewing
She got the idea of planting ..
Yes a girl plants her garden In Egypt .. Strange ya !
She started to watch youtube videos .. Opening websites to get her self studies about planting ..
So many types of plants but unfortunately they all went in vain ..

All her works and studies on planting went with the wind .. !

Finally , Here are what Nadia believes in ..
Just Don't give up to depression .. Have your own presistence .. Fight , Struggle in your life
to get the core of happiness in it .. :D
Happy Birthday Nadia
Hoda Ashraf
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