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brenda trupp's unguided reflections

brenda trupp's unguided thoughts and reflections about the end of her capstone, EDRS698, at regis university.

Brenda Trupp

on 3 July 2010

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Transcript of brenda trupp's unguided reflections

brenda trupp's unguided reflections edrs698 - professor alison saylor regis university students in context community connections technology classroom management instructional strategies Blevins Middle School Home of The Bruins 2009-2010 School Ethnic Count Reduced Lunch Count 40% Average Group of Friends art show
dinner with a family
track meet
volleyball game
downs syndrome
8th grade picnic & awards
the neon dance
the VCA hospital
trip to C.S.U. with family
"don't judge a
book by its
cover." 303 computers 20 projectors 10 Smart Boards 41 TVs 34 VCRs/DVDs 3 copiers 15 printers 10 document cameras "there is so much;
i'm spoiled, but
there is more
that i can do." programs for students
science olympiad
student leadership
candy store
rachel's challenge
tons more!
"approximately 25%
of the Blevins population
comes from a minority
background -- the highest
in the district." blue v. green
successful v. unsuccessful RTI pyramid procedures & routines classroom arrangement "i need to learn
to talk
theory in addition
to the
practice of it." check-ins "instructional strategies
is a lot of stuff
put together; it is
everything we have
talked about."
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