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Social Changes in Forrest Gump

No description

Brock Henderson

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of Social Changes in Forrest Gump

In the 1950s Forrest watches Elvis copy his dance and leg movement, and witnesses Elvis rise to fame.
JFK Assassination
This created a huge social change when a greatly loved president was assassinated. People realized that more security was needed for world leaders. People also started to mistrust the government and conspiracy theories become a common thing about his death. America became a much more paranoid place.
Vietnam War
and Peace
Soldiers deploying in Vietnam, witness terrible things and hate the constant rain. Hippies protest for peace "make love not war" slogans. Drugs and overdosing become common with hippies, like to listen to Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. Songs of peace and love.
Civil Rights
MLK leads for more rights for black people and everyone to be equal.
AIDS Outbreak
People learned that aids is a deadly STD. People became more aware of protected sex and how to avoid getting aids. aids awareness also became a very big thing.
School Segregation
When Forrest attends college he watches as black students enter a white school for the first time and the principle blocks the way but is then pushed aside. This shows the social change of when everyone started to receive equal rights. Forrest also icks up a book for one of the black students showing he was not racist and did not mind having equal rights.
Moon Landings
People realized the capabilities of the America, and how wealthy it is. Many material things became based on space travel and the space age, everyone was paying attention to the Apollo missions.
Social Changes in Forrest Gump
By: Brock Henderson
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