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Species of Elephants

No description

Library Media

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Species of Elephants

There are only three species the Asian
Elephant and the African Elephant.
A Group of Elephants
A group of Elephants is called a herd.
Most herds have up to 10 or 20 Elephants. Some even join with what they call super herds witch have about
a 100.
How Much They Way
Elephants weigh up to 2.25 to
5.5 tons.
Elephants Appetite

eat grasses, roots, fruit
and bark. An elephant has an
appetite that matches its size.
Females and What They are Called
Females elephants are called
Male Elephant's and What They are Called
Male Elephants are called Bulls.
Asian Elephants and African Elephants
Species of Elephants
Where Asian Elephants Live
Asian Elephants live in India , Nepal and Southeast Asia.
African Elephant
Asian Elephant
Hoped you liked it !!
Indian elephant
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