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Punic Wars (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

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Sydney Jean

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Punic Wars (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

First Punic War Third Punic War Started in 264 BC
Major Battles
1.) Battle of Agrigentum: 261 BC
2.) Battle of the Lipari Islands: 260 BC
3.) Battle of Sulci: 258 BC
4.) Battle of Tyndaris: 257 BC
5.) Battle of Cape Ecnomus: 256 BC
6.) Battle of Adys: 256 BC
7.) Battle of Tunis: 255 BC
8.) Battle of Drepana: 249 BC
9.) Battle of the Aegates Islands: 241 BC Cause: Following their defeat in the First Punic War and the subsequent loss of Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica, the Carthaginians had set about expanding in Spain to make up for these losses and, among other things, to secure the money to pay their indemnity to Rome. Major Battles, Cause, and Effect Started in 149 BC

9 Major Battles were fought during the first Punic War Major Battles, Cause, And Effect of the first Punic War Ended in 241 BC Cause: Both Rome and Carthage wanted the large Mediterranean Island. Also known as Sicily.

Effect: Carthige was replaced as the dominant power of the Mediteranean by Rome. Second Punic War Started in 218 BC 218 BC
1.) Battle of Lilybaeum
2.) Battle of Rhone Crossing
3.) Battle of the Ticinus
4.) Battle of the Trebia
5.) Battle of Cissa
217 BC
6.) Battle of Lake Trasimene
7.) Battle of Ebro River
8.) Battle of Ager Falernus
9.) Battle of Geronium
216 BC
10.) Battle of Cannae
11.) First Battle of Nola
215 BC
12.) Second Battle of Nola
13.) Battle of Dertosa
14.) Battle of Cornus
214 BC
15.) Third Battle of Nola
16.) Battle of Beneventum
17.) Siege of Syracuse (Beginning)

212 BC
18.) First Battle of Capua
19.) Battle of the Silarus
20.) First Battle of Herdonia
21.) Siege of Syracuse (Ends)
211 BC
22.) Battle of the Upper Baetis
23.) Second Battle of Capua

210 BC
24.) Second Battle of Herdonia
25.) Battle of Numistro
26.) Battle of Sapriportis
209 BC
27.) Battle of Asculum

208 BC
28.) Battle of Baecula
29.) Battle of Clupea
207 BC
30.) Battle of Grumentum
31.) Battle of the Metaurus
32.) Naval Battle of Utica

206 BC
33.) Battle of Ilipa
204 BC
34.) Battle of Crotona

203 BC
35.) Battle of Bagbrades
36.) Battle of Castra Cornelia
202 BC
37.) Battle of Zama Effect: acquisition of empire: in the space of fifty years Rome had acquired most of the western Mediterranean. The Republic now had to adjust its finances, administration, foreign policy and alliance system to rule these new territories. 37 Major Battles fought during the Second Punic War Ended in 202 BC Ended in 146 BC 1 Major Battle during the Third Punic War Major Battles, Cause, and Effect Battle of Carthage: 149 Bc Cause: Carthage had wanted to take over North Africa, because they had many senators had olives and grains there. Effect: It had no real consequences, other than the destruction of the city became legendary. If the business of 146 BC had meant anything, it showed that Hannibal's shadow still hung over Rome.
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