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No description

Grady White

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of UBER CASE

Value to the Customer
- Corporate travel is growing

Trips by American businesspeople:
2010: 437 Million
2011: 445 Million
2012: 460 Million

- Reduce costs
- Better service and convenience
- Higher ROI
- Increased revenue
- New profits
Barriers for Uber
Relatively easy to implement
- Use existing supply base
- Use existing pricing

Existing employees initially
- Account Managers
- Sales/Customer Support Team

Competition barriers are low

Create strategy for corporate partnership acquisition

Corporate Partnership Strategy
Mission: Become the highest grossing technology company providing a transportation service in the world.

6-Month Road Map
Month -1: Community Mgrs begin creating presentations and research potential clients (travel agencies, large companies, etc.)

Month 0: Launch

Month 1+: CMs make sales pitches to the leads from the leads list
Company 1
Example Agreements
Annual Travel Budget: $500K
Duration: 3 Months
Concern: Low Cost

3% Discount on UberX

Company 2
Annual Travel Budget: $30M
Duration: 1 Year
Concern: Low Cost & Premium
cars for clients

5% Discount on UberX
5% Discount on Uber Black

**All partnerships name Uber as "exclusive" or "preferred" transportation provider for set period of time.
Company 3
Annual Travel Budget: $100M
Duration: Monthly
Concern: Uber's solution

$1K of Uber Credits provided
after $20K of Uber trips

Creating a payment system for
corporate customers.

Uber Blackberry support.

Ensuring enough Supply exists to support Uber Corporate.

Community Manager workload.

Large supply base

First mover advantage in many markets

Business Architecture is established
Currently only 40 cities

Uber is not currently BlackBerry friendly

Restricted area driver supply
Huge potential market

Dependable additional revenue

Companies wanting planned car services

Legal issues (LA county)

Month 2: Create groupings of clients' employees to understand how much each company is spending

Month 3: Hire first Account Manager to continue to attack leads and to manage corporate customers full time.

Month 4-6: Hire more Account Managers to help grow the number of partnerships
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