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League of Legends (LoL)

No description

Bailey Lehr

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of League of Legends (LoL)

League of Legends (LoL)
By: Bailey Lehr

Mid Lane
Any type champion can go mid. AP and AD champions can here. Some champions I play here are Ziggs, Heimerdinger, Fizz, and Ryze. A good mid laner to learn with is Annie.
There are some websites that can let you make your own build and look at other people's builds I use mobafire which lets you see the notes the person put what sequence they upgraded and unlocked their abilities and the order they bought their items. There are some apps and websites that tell you what champions are good against other champions. Riot Games has a Youtube channel called League of Legends where they put champion spotlights where someone explains the abilities of the champion in the spotlight gives you a recommended build and tells you what sequence they upgrade the abilities and other helpful things.
You can buy items in the game when you are at your base or when you are. There are three tiers for items the first tier is an item that can not be bought for a lower price if you buy the item, the second tier you can buy a first item to build into buy that item can built from another item, finally the third tier which can built from a second tier item which can be built by a first tier item.
ADC and Support
These two positions go together because they both go in the bottom or bot lane.
The ADC is always a ranged character and they always are AD or attacks damage their main job is to get fed early game and then carry mid game to late game.
The support is to get the ADC fed which means get really strong. They will have crowd control or heals or other buffs. Crowd control is slows, knock ups, stuns and more. Supports can be AD or AP AP is ability power which is magic damage.
Examples of ADCs are Ashe, Sivir, Corki, and Draven. The ADC Ezreal is a hybrid so he can go AP or AD this makes Trinity Force a great item because it gives AP and AD.
Examples of AP supports are Lulu, Morganna, Sona, Soraka, and Karma. AD supports are Thresh, Blitzcrank and some more. A great ADC to use when you are new to playing ADC is Ashe.
Supports usually get abused by the ADC for their mistakes. The ADC acts like one of their jobs is abuse the support and not thank the support for not quitting or going to another lane. It is rare for an ADC to tell the support good job after they make a good play.
Top Lane
Middle Or Mid Lane
Jungle or Jg
Support or Supp
ADC or Attack Damage Carry
Top Lane
Usually tanks or fighters go top with some mages here. A common summoner spell here is teleport. Some mage that are great here are Heimerdinger and Teemo. If you want to learn a champion that is good playing jungle you should find one that can also go top lane so you can learn their kits and how they work. Some of these champions are: Jax, Master Yi, and Shyvanna. You do this because you will do better because you understand the champions' abilities and what items.
This determines which champions go in a certain role and most champions that I said their can go in that lane are part of the meta except Heimerdinger is not supposed to go top. If you go a champion in a role that it is not supposed to go according to the meta then you will have a easier time in the fact that the opponent will not know about that champion in that lane since most people follow the meta.
This is a hard role and is also an abused role. The jungle farms jungle monsters and helps the other lanes. They usually get abused when their team is losing the team will pretty much always blame it on the jungle. The ADC will blame the support and Jungle.
Some good champions for this role are: Fiddlesticks, Udyr, Master Yi, Shyvanna, Jax, and Nautilus.
A good idea for this role is to learn a champion that can play another role so you understand their kit.
There are four abilities: three basic abilities (q,w,e) and the ultimate which is usually the best ability and for most champions can be unlocked at level 6 then upgrade twice and level 11 and 16. The basic abilities can be unlocked and upgraded at any level. One champion I know that can have their ultimate or ult unlocked sooner is Udyr which can be unlocked at lvl 1 and can be upgraded at any level.
The meta
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