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Crossing the Red Bridge

A presentation based on the WDR 2014 of the World Bank.

Kehinde Ametepee

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Crossing the Red Bridge

Crossing The
Red Bridge

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
We prefer to stay in our comfort zones, often reluctant to cross the Red Bridge, to take risks, because we lack the knowledge of the vast opportunities existing in the horizon.
a.k.a The Risk Bridge.
The Comfort Zone
The Good Life
The Red Bridge
However, not all is rosy beyond the bridge. You are exposed to the elements and therefore may suffer shocks.
The Detour
Resilience Corner
But whatever you have in your arsenal - your safety nets (measures you've taken to avoid them) - should protect you from these shocks...
Moreover, your family, community or the state can help you cope with the shock and build the resilience to confront future shocks. So make those connections!
Persistence despite the shocks eventually leads to prosperity.
This is where research comes in. Discover the opportunities out there and the possible shocks that could be encountered while pursuing them. Learn how to protect yourself and how to access the insurance facilities at your disposal.
This presentation is based on the key elements of Risk Management - Knowledge, Protection, Insurance and Coping - as identified by the World Development Report 2014 of the World Bank titled
Risk and Opportunity: Managing Risk for Development.
Visit: https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/handle/10986/16092
Find Out More!
a presentation by
Kehinde Ametepee
Whatever risk you are afraid to take - pursuing a career change, investing in a new line of business, acquiring a new technology that may boost yield or migrating to a new environment - is your
Red Bridge
However, if you don't cross it, you may not be able to tap into the opportunities beyond it. So just go ahead and cross!
...but if you suffer losses, your insurance will act as a cushion and ensure you recover quickly.
The best part is that the resilience built while taking the risk helps in fostering the ability to take on even bigger risks and exploit various opportunities. Now that you've crossed the
Red Bridge
, you are confident enough to fly to distant lands.
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