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Megan Kennedy

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Student Works Because their world was provided by agriculture, much of a student's schooling was on farm terms. School was not held due to farm needs at times and the school work was farm based (using farming to create word problems for math, etc.) All schooling prepared students for the 8th grade exams. The Class Many classes were fit into one room sometimes totaling up to 60 students in one room at a time. They were split into classes by age with some regards to student ability. A Student's Classroom Experience What was a student's experience in
a one room school house really like?
I have gathered information about classes, what the students' works were really like, the materials they used, and what their actual classrooms were really like to give us some insight to the past.

In McPherson County alone there were 123 one room schoolhouse school districts. Most of my information is from the Old Mill Museum
with some supplemental information
from the website. Most of my pictures
are gathered from District 7 (Sharp Creek) and
District 69 (West Kentuck). District 69 is the
school house that
is now a museum piece
in Lindsborg, Kansas. Materials Classrooms The classroom buildings were often very outdated and in need of repair. Many had single stoves for heat and very uncomfortable seating. Later, kitchens and bathrooms were added. Information provided by The Old Mill Museum (Lorna Nelson and Lenora Lynam) and
http://www.pbs.org/kcet/publicschool/evolving_classroom/index.html The One Room Schoolhouse The students' materials they used are incredibly different than what we use today. Slates, pens, textbooks, rewards, and lunch pails have greatly evolved since the early 1900's. As you can see, a student's experience from a one room school house is deeper than we realize in many different ways. I want to give another special thanks to Lorna and Lenora at the Old Mill Museum for all of their work in helping us.
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