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Teri M cell overview


Teri Mitton

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Teri M cell overview

Cell Structure
The structures found in a cell
contribute to overall function of a cell
Cell Organelles
Nucleus : contains genetic information
Nucleolus : site of rRNA synthesis
Rough ER : site of protein synthesis
Smooth ER : site of lipid synthesis
Secretory Vessicles : storage site for cell products
Lysosome : contains digestive enzymes
Mitochondrion (a) : site of ATP synthesis
Cilia : moves substances over the surface of a cell
Flagella : propels sperm cells
Microvilli : increase surface area
Functions of a cell
Protection and Support
Cell metabolism and Energy release
The Basic Unit of Life
The Cell Membrane
Fluid Mosaic Model
Movement through
the Cell Membrane
Facilitated Diffusion
Active Transport
Whole-Cell Activity
Cell Metabolism
Aerobic Respiration
Anaerobic Respiration
Protein Synthesis
Cell Division
Thats all for now.....
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