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My Greatest Ambition

No description

Kai Stroem

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of My Greatest Ambition

Resources This is a tale of a young boy named Morris Lurie who had an aspiration of becoming a comic strip artist. He believed that he was different from everyone else; that he could actually achieve his dream. Morris Lurie goes through various lengths to achieve his goal, however he is smacked in the face by the harsh cold reality of life. In the end his efforts are in vain as he realizes that he has become like everyone else – a dreamer. Summary The writer creates an effect of false hope.
This is shonw in the beginning when the narrator creates an idea of him achieving his dream of being a comic strip artist. In the end however he realizes that he, like everyone else, had become a dreamer and would never achieve that dream. These effects are given off by numerous literary devices such as Rules of Three, Rhetorical questions and metaphors. How the Writer Creates Effects Connection to Other
Stories The Greatest Ambition is a story of character which is very much like "The Sandpiper". "The Sandpiper" is a story of a woman who tries to fight the odds of living in a different country but starts to realize the impact of their culture on her. She then realizes that this country might not be the country for her. Which is very much like "My Greatest Ambition" as it is about a boy who learns more about himself and realizes something throughout the story. Analysis of
Character More is revealed to us about the character through his background and inner life, relationships with other people, his actions and reactions, how he uses language and through the imagery associated with the character.

In the beginning of the story, Mr. Lurie is headstrong and tenacious. He is also lonely as he feels he’s the only one who’s headstrong: the only one who hasn’t given up on his dreams. As the story progresses, Mr. Lurie is faced with various problems which all pile on top of the other and ultimately changes his character. In the end he becomes weaker as he is easily pushed around by society and although he is not lonely anymore, he is still sad because he has become a dreamer. I hope you enjoyed our presentation, now you may claim your treasure! Just check your mybsm and you will find your prize! Thanks :D

By: Andrew, Charmaine and Kai My Greatest Ambition Task ‘I was the only person in the whole class – probably the whole school – who wanted to be a comic strip artist.’ What does this extract reveal about the character?
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