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Pangea By:Kenneth Mayoral

No description

kenneth mayoral

on 10 May 2014

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Transcript of Pangea By:Kenneth Mayoral

Pangea By: Kenneth Mayoral
Have you ever wondered how all of the continents got to where they are right now? If yes than this is the answer to your question and other facts. It all started with a place called pangea. In here you will learn about what pangea is and how it was like and what lived in pangea.

What lived in Pangea?
Because of Pangea's abundant of plant life it was also crawling with orthoripods or insects. Many of the bugs are even known today. like butterfly's and more. Many dinosaurs even made it their habitat like for instance many herbivores took it because of its many plants.
How was Pangea different from todays continents?
Pangea was different because it was almost warm all year around. Even when it's night it's warm. It's also different because it had many more plants than today. Now we're cutting down many forest's to build houses.
What is Pangea?
If you do not know pangea was a lively place teaming with an abundant of plant life. Pangea was also a big subtropical piece of land perfect for lots of plants to dwell. Perfect for herbivores and carnivores to.
What was Pangea like?
Pangea was a very humid place. Its great amount of sunlight gave lots of plant life to. Pangea was also a big hunting ground for most carnivores because there was lots of ambush places.
What happened to Pangea?
Pangaea was broken apart because of the continental drift. The continental drift broke pangea because the plates under Pangea were slowly descending which exposing molten rock and destroying Pangea by splitting it apart.
So these are facts about pangea. This whole thing started when scientist found a dinosaur skeleton in the antarctica. Then a theory of Pangea got announced. Then other scientist thought on what live there and what it was like. I hope this has helped you on things you may not have known about our past world.
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