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Iceland's Erupting Problem

No description

Eloise Chae

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Iceland's Erupting Problem

Iceland's Erupting Problem Iceland's volcano is making lots of problems for itself and other countries in Europe. Air travel is not
accessible and people who live near the volcano have to evacuate. Why are peple not allowed to use air travel?
There is a massive cloud of ash making it harder for airplanes to travel. Some of the people who manage the airplane companies and such, think that the ash from the volcano could clog the plane's engines. Are there any other problems caused by the volcano?
In some areas, in this case the Shetland island, they are experiencing the aroma of sulfur. Sulfer is an element that has a smell of rotten eggs. This is because of the hydrogen sulfide. Sulfer is mostly found in active volcanoes. Also, because of the delays in air travel, the airline companies are allowing the passengers to get a full refund or change the flight date instead of giving the passengers something else like staying at a hotel for free.
Where is the volcano?
The volcano is on the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in Iceland. The volcanic ash cloud has caused countries like France, U.K.,
Denmark, Norway, Ireland, and Sweden, to close many airports. Volcanic ash clouds are made up of
rock, glass, and gas created by
volcanic eruptions. This relates to our lives because volcanic eruptions are
very severe natural disasters. They can cause lots of
destruction to the land around it. If we were the ones
living near the volcano, our homes and possesions
would be gone. Also, if we were the ones who spent lots
of money for flights and we couldn't go, we'd be quite
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